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A list of the best coffee house chains. Are you looking for a particular favorite coffee house? With our extensive list of the best coffee houses available, you may find an old one you had forgotten about, or a brand new favorite coffee chain that you didn’t know existed. The most popular coffee houses are listed in order of least popular to most popular. Rank your favorite coffee houses to get them placed higher on the list. Or, you can make your own list of the coffee house chains that you enjoy the most.

Almost everyone has heard of popular coffee house chains like Starbucks, but not everyone has heard of some of these coffee house chains. Perhaps there is a new coffee house in your area, and you may be able to find it by looking at this list of coffee houses and searching for locations of the same coffee house chains online. Perhaps a coffee house chain is soon coming to an area near you. Research the coffee houses that appear the most delectable to you and find out where you can visit one.

Many people enjoy visiting coffee house chains for the familiarity of taste and the relaxed atmosphere. Some people choose to make coffee house visits a daily or weekly occurrence. Some may be looking for better prices on their favorite brand of coffee. Whatever you are searching for, chances are good that you will find it on this list of favorite coffee house chains.
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  • Peet's
    32 votes

    Coffee Chain

  • Philz Coffee
    129 votes

    Philz Coffee

  • Caribou Coffee Company, Inc.
    415 votes
    Coffee and Tea Manufacturing, Limited-Service Restaurants
  • Dunkin' Donuts
    495 votes
    Restaurant, Bakery, Food and Beverage
  • Starbucks
    598 votes
    Coffee and Tea Manufacturing, Coffeehouse, Limited-Service Restaurants
  • Tim Hortons
    335 votes
    Restaurant, Eating and Drinking Places