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The Best Current Procedural Dramas

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Good procedural drama series are a go-to for just about everyone, but between medical dramas and police procedurals, it can be difficult to pick the best. This list of the top procedural dramas currently on-air, ranked by your votes, should help narrow the field. Television dramas fall into two categories: procedural and serial. Dramatic series in the procedural genre often have one new plot line every week, as opposed to a serial, shows with a continuing story arc or plot. Procedurals often follow a "case-of-the-week" formula, which makes the story easy for television viewers to follow. A number of procedural programs have been included in the greatest TV dramas of all time. This list includes both serial cop dramas, medical dramas, and serial legal dramas, as well as long-running procedurals.

Next to the incredibly long running Law & Order franchise, one of the most successful procedural drama franchises is NCIS, which premiered in 2003 and has launched popular spin-offs like NCIS: Los Angeles and NCIS: New Orleans. Current procedural dramas feature a dynamic and memorable lead character with a quirky personality, though ensemble casts are also common in any drama procedural, especially in most-watched shows set around a law enforcement agency, medical facility, or courtroom. The predictable format of such highly-rated programs also makes it easy to air as re-runs because viewers often don't have to follow a certain order or have seen previous episodes.

What are the best current procedural dramas? Many procedurals are among the best current network dramas, and all are great TV entertainment. Use the list below to vote for the top dramatic procedurals that are currently on air, and see where your favorites rank!


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