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The Best Cyborg Heroes in Comics

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The half-human, half-machine combination had become one of the fixtures of science fiction, from the early days of literature up to today. Cyborg characters are aplenty nowadays, and there are real-life concerns about cyborgs when they become real. It's as if the machine is invading the flesh. However, the later heroes had accepted that the machine can be man's best friend. Here are some of them. 
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    But of course, we start with the most aptly named one. Cyborg in DC Comics is Victor Stone, son of two scientists who use him for their experiments. After an accidentally summoned alien mutilates Victor and kills his mother, his father converts him into a cyborg. While initially horrified at his condition, he grows to accept the powers it provides and he joins the Teen Titans, of which he is an iconic member.
  • Despite his name, Robotman qualifies as the first cyborg in comics. The first version of Robotman was a man whose brain was placed in the body of a robot. He was more of a comical character. In recent years, a new Robotman came, a member of the Doom Patrol. 
  • Though he actually started as a dead human made into a robot, the restoration of his Murphy personality made him a cyborg. Initially made a pet project of Omni Consumer Products, he overcomes the limits set on him by the corporation to become an effective crimefighter in Detroit, with all of his humanity restored. While originally a movie property, he had recently been revived in comics. 
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    Deathlok was Marvel's first Universal Soldier and Robocop, building on the concept of a soldier's corpse turned into a mechanical killing machine. There are many men who were transformed into the Deathlok cyborg, starting with Luther Manning, and going through many men, the latest being J. August Richards in the Agents of SHIELD series. While often a villain, some Deathloks have helped heroes.