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Advice The Best Daily Deal Sites For Foodies  

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Daily deal sites are popping up all over the web, faster than you can say 'coupons'. But, with all those options, how do you know which daily sale sites to sign up for, especially if all you're interested in is finding the best daily deals on food, drinks and fancy restaurants?

Well, look no further. These are the ten best places for foodies to find group buying, daily deals and private sales. These culinary coupon sites will keep your wallet as full as your stomach, and guarantee that you're getting the best possible selection of food deals on the web. So, bon apetit!
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Groupon is the big daddy of the daily deal sites. It's the one most people have heard about, and with all the recent buzz about a possible sale and a billion-dollar valuation, it's certainly poised to keep ruling the daily deal game for a while. Which is why Groupon has such awesome bargaining power, and why it's able to get really great deals on all sorts of restaurants you wouldn't normally associate with the term 'bargain'. And, it's also why Groupon is the perfect place to find food deals worthy of your own billion dollar valuation...or at least a date night that's guaranteed to impress your significant other.
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Much like Groupon, LivingSocial is considered to be part of the group buying elite. And while I've found that their food and drink deals aren't quite as good as Groupons, they still post plenty of palate-pleasing offers, including a lot of great local businesses like smaller wine bars and lesser-known restaurants. That makes the daily LivingSocial email a great way to find new places to eat without forking over big bucks in the process. While you're there, don't forget to share any deals you buy on Facebook and Twitter too -- if you can get three of your friends to buy the deal along with you, you'll get that deal for free. And everyone knows free food tastes way better than food you actually have to pay for.
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If you have an internet connection, and you like to eat, chances are you're already a 'Yelper'. But, you may not know about the relatively new "Yelp Deals" service, which you can check out by going to Not only can you sign up to receive great deals on local restaurants and bars directly in your inbox, but you can also check out reviews of those businesses before purchasing, which ensures that even though your bill may be cut-rate, your experience won't be.
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Even the name of this female-focused pop culture site is delicious! DailyCandy is part blog, part advice site and part daily deal service. To get in on that last part, just head over to their deals section, or simply pop your email address into the subscribe forms that are all over their main site. Either way, prepare for a hefty dose of delicious food and drink deals along with a pretty ample side of sass. Which is pretty much required for a site advertising coupons for fat-blasting massages alongside offers for half off on a three-course meal.
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