The Best Dazed and Confused Quotes

Dazed and Confused quotes are certainly quotable for movie fans. These are some of the best quotes from the coming-of-age film Dazed and Confused as determined by you and your votes. Written and directed by Richard Linklater, Dazed and Confused focused on the last day of school for several teenagers in Texas. The year was 1976. Released on February 10, 1994, the tagline for Dazed and Confused was "Weed rules." The cast of Dazed and Confused is notable for some of the future stars it features in smaller roles, including Oscar winner Matthew McConaughey.

What are the best Dazed and Confused quotes? Do you like Wooderson's line, "All right, all right, all right"? Or do you like some of the lesser known lines from the film? Let it be known. Vote for your top Dazed and Confused quotes and watch them rise to the top of the list. Looking for more great writing and quotes? Be sure to also check out our list of other great shows and movies like Dazed and Confused.

  • I Think It's Past Your Bedtime
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    I Think It's Past Your Bedtime

    Dawson: Not bad for a little freshman but you gotta watch out for older girlsMelvin Spivey: Hey. Come here. We just wanna know something. You gonna be fucking that tonight, or are you gonna be a little wimp?Mitch: [laughs] How do you know I haven't alreadyMelvin Spivey: [clearly pleased, laughs] Go along man, I think its past your bedtime!
  • Twenty-Five Of You Ain't Coming Back
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    Twenty-Five Of You Ain't Coming Back

    Mitch: [after seniors threaten him] Er, Mr. Payne. Sir. You know every second that you could let us out early would really increase our chances of survival.Mr. Payne, junior high school teacher: It's like our sergeant told us before one trip into the jungle.[shouts]Men![the boys jump] Fifty of you are leaving on a mission. Twenty-five of you ain't coming back.Mitch: Okay.
  • I'd Be A Lot Cooler If You Did
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    I'd Be A Lot Cooler If You Did

    Wooderson: Say, man, you got a joint?
    Mitch: No, not on me, man.
    Wooderson: It'd be a lot cooler if you did.
  • They Stay The Same Age
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    They Stay The Same Age

    Wooderson: I've been thinkin' about gettin' back in school, though, man.
    Dawson: What, like, J.C. or something like that?
    Wooderson: Yeah, man, that's where all the girls are right? But I'd just as soon keep workin', though, keep a little change in my pocket. Better than listenin' to some dipshit, doesn't know what the hell he's talkin' about, anyway!
    Dawson: I know what you're talkin' about, man!
    Wooderson [to Mitch]: So, you're a freshman, right? Tell me, man, how's this year's crop of freshman chicks lookin' this year?
    Dawson: Wood, you're gonna go to jail very soon, man!
    Wooderson: Naw, man. That's what I like about these high school girls; I get older, they stay the same age.
    Dawson: Yes, they do.
    Wooderson: Yes, they do.
  • L-I-V-I-N
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    Wooderson: Man, it's the same bullshit they tried to pull in my day. If it ain't that piece of paper, there's some other choice they're gonna try and make for you. You gotta do what Randall Pink Floyd wants to do man. Let me tell you this, the older you do get the more rules they're gonna try to get you to follow. You just gotta keep livin' man, L-I-V-I-N.
  • It Can't Get Worse
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    It Can't Get Worse

    Cynthia: Maybe the 80s will be like radical or something. I figure we'll be in our 20s and it cant' get worse.