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The Best Discovery Channel Shows of All Time

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As Shark Week is upon us we couldn't help but think of The Discovery Channel and its humble beginnings.  Who ever would have thought that we'd see so many hits throughout the years.  As such we decided to poll what viewers think are the best Discovery Channel shows ever.  Get your vote out there!
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    Jon Lung, Brian Louden

    PremieredJanuary 23, 2003

    Genres (Tv)Documentary, Science

    MythBusters is a science entertainment television program created by Peter Rees and produced by Australia's Beyond Television Productions for the Discovery Channel. The series is transmitted by...  more

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    Alison Haislip, Jessica Chobot


    Genres (Tv)Reality television

    BattleBots is an American competition reality television series. Competitors designed and operated remote-controlled armed and armored machines designed to fight in an arena combat elimination...  more
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    How It's Made

    Mark Tewksbury, Lynne Adams

    PremieredJanuary 6, 2001

    Genres (Tv)Science, Documentary

    How It's Made is a documentary television series that premiered on January 6, 2001 on Discovery Channel in Canada, and Science in the U.S. It's also being aired on Discovery Family. The program is...  more
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    Dirty Jobs

    Mike Rowe, David M. Barsky

    PremieredNovember 7, 2003

    Genres (Tv)Reality

    Dirty Jobs was a TV series on the Discovery Channel in which host Mike Rowe is shown performing difficult, strange, disgusting, or messy occupational duties alongside the typical employees. The show,...  more

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    Man vs. Wild

    Bear Grylls, Will Ferrell

    PremieredMarch 10, 2006

    Genres (Tv)Adventure, Travel, Outdoors, Reality

    Man vs. Wild, also called Born Survivor: Bear Grylls, Ultimate Survival, Survival Game, or colloquially as simply Bear Grylls in the United Kingdom, is a survival television series hosted by Bear...  more
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    Gold Rush

    Paul Christie, Dean Lennox Kelly


    Genres (Tv)Reality television

    Gold Rush (Discovery, 2010) is a reality television series. The series follows the placer gold mining efforts of various family-run mining companies, mostly in the Klondike region of Dawson City,...  more


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    Deadliest Catch

    Rick Quashnick, Sig Hansen


    Genres (Tv)Drama, Documentary, Reality television

    Deadliest Catch (Discovery Channel, 2005) is an American reality television series. It portrays the real life events aboard fishing vessels in the Bering Sea during the Alaskan king crab, snow crab...  more

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    How the Universe Works

    Mike Rowe, Erik Todd Dellums

    PremieredApril 25, 2010

    Genres (Tv)Science, Documentary

    How the Universe Works is a mini-series that originally aired on the Discovery Channel April 25, 2010 to May 24, 2010. The first and third seasons were narrated by Mike Rowe and the second by Erik...  more

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    River Monsters

    Jeremy Wade, Daniel Göz

    PremieredApril 5, 2009

    Genres (Tv)Reality, Documentary, Nature, Animals

    River Monsters is a British and American wildlife documentary television programme produced for Animal Planet by Icon Films of Bristol, United Kingdom. Hosted by extreme angler and biologist Jeremy...  more

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    Shark Week

    Nancy Linsky, Kevin Tyler Moody

    PremieredAugust 4, 2013

    Genres (Tv)Talk, Animals

    Shark Week is an annual, week-long programming block created by Tom Golden on Discovery Channel which features shark-based programming, real and fictional. In recent years fictitious programming,...  more
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    Storm Chasers

    Joshua Wurman, Reed Timmer

    PremieredOctober 17, 2007

    Genres (Tv)Weather, Documentary

    Storm Chasers is an American documentary reality television series that premiered on October 17, 2007, on the Discovery Channel. Produced by Original Media, the program follows several teams of storm...  more
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    Dual Survival

    Cody Lundin, Dave Canterbury

    PremieredJune 11, 2010

    Genres (Tv)Reality, Nature, How-to

    Dual Survival is an American reality cable television series which airs on the Discovery Channel. The show features a pair of survival experts in predetermined scenarios while in challenging...  more
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    Dirty Jobs: Rowe'd Trip

    Lamorne Morris, T Murph

    PremieredSeptember 9, 2020

    Genres (Tv)Comedy drama

    Dirty Jobs: Rowe'd Trip (Discovery, 2020) is an American reality television series and spin-off of Dirty Jobs starring Mike Rowe. Rowe and the original Dirty Jobs crew set out on a road trip across...  more
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    How Do They Do It?

    Rupert Degas, Robert Llewellyn

    PremieredMay 6, 2006

    Genres (Tv)Documentary, Science, Educational

    How Do They Do It? is a television series produced by Wag TV for Discovery Channel. Each programme explores how 2 or 3 ordinary objects are made and used. The show's slogan is "Behind the ordinary is...  more
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    Fast N' Loud

    Christie Brimberry, Richard Rawlings

    PremieredJune 6, 2012

    Genres (Tv)Reality, Auto

    Fast N' Loud is a reality styled Discovery Channel TV show featuring Richard Rawlings, 45, and Aaron Kaufman, 33, from the Dallas, Texas-based Gas Monkey Garage as they search for run-down cars, and...  more

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    Moonshiners is an American docudrama television series on the Discovery Channel that dramatizes the life of people who produce moonshine in the Appalachian Mountains of North and South Carolina and...  more
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    American Chopper

    Paul Teutul Sr., Paul Teutul Jr.

    PremieredMarch 31, 2003

    Genres (Tv)Reality, Motorcycle

    American Chopper (Discovery, 2003) is a reality television series. The series centers on Paul Teutul, Sr., and his son Paul Teutul, Jr., who manufacture custom chopper-style motorcycles....  more

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    Gold Rush: White Water

    Dustin Hurt, Fred Hurt

    PremieredJanuary 19, 2018

    Genres (Tv)Reality, Adventure

    Gold Rush: White Water (Discovery, 2018) is an American reality series and a spin-off of Gold Rush. Gold miners Dakota Fred and his son Dustin are back – returning to McKinley Creek Alaska,...  more

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    Chasing Classic Cars

    Wayne Carini, David Gooding

    PremieredJune 3, 2008

    Genres (Tv)Reality, Auto

    Chasing Classic Cars is a US television documentary series starring Wayne Carini who finds and chases classic cars from all eras, focusing on finding and getting cars running, with the option of...  more

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    Alaska: The Last Frontier

    Otto Kilcher, Charlotte Kilcher

    PremieredDecember 29, 2011

    Genres (Tv)Reality, Documentary, Adventure, Outdoors, Nature

    Alaska: The Last Frontier (Discovery Channel, 2011) is an American reality cable television series. The show documents the extended Kilcher family, at their homestead 11 miles outside of Homer,...  more

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    Street Outlaws (Discovery Channel, 2013) is an American reality television series. The documentary-reality series takes an inside look into the world of American street racing....  more
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    Sons of Guns

    William Hayden


    Genres (Tv)Documentary, Reality television

    Sons of Guns is a reality television series that aired on the Discovery Channel between 2011 and 2014. The series centers on Red Jacket Firearms LLC, a Louisiana-based business that manufactures and...  more
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    Garage Rehab

    Richard Rawlings, Russell J. Holmes

    PremieredAugust 30, 2017

    Genres (Tv)Reality, Auto

    Garage Rehab (Discovery, 2017) is an American reality series. Famed for his Gas Monkey empire and the hit show Fast n Loud, Richard Rawlings returns as he and his team take mechanic shops in need of...  more
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    The Wheel

    Kat Dellinger, Shon Joyner


    Genres (Tv)Reality television, Surivial competition

    The Wheel (Discovery Channel, 2017) is an American reality survival competition television series. Six people are left in various ecozones with minimal supplies to survive for 60 days alone and must...  more
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    Gold Rush

    Paul Christie


    Genres (Tv)Special Interest, Documentary, Reality television

    Gold Rush is a reality television series that airs on Discovery. The fifth season of the show began airing in the United States on October 17, 2014. The show focuses on the mining of gold placer...  more


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