The Best Disney Movies Starring Dogs

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Walt Disney Studios has put out some great Disney movies with dogs. This list will determine the best Disney movie starring man's best friend. There are classics like Old Yeller and newer films that put dogs in the spotlight such as Bolt. Up and White Fang wouldn't be the same without their dogs in the films. There are also films on this list that have even spawned franchises such as the Air Bud series. You can catch the Air Bud series playing on the Disney channel from time to time.  

You will even find a superhero movie on this list with Underdog starring Amy Adams and Jay Leno. Other famous actors like Michael J. Fox and John Travolta lent their voices to Disney dogs Chance and Bolt. These movies span across all genres, fans of monster movies should be sure to check out Frankenweenie. If you like cartoons there are certainly quite a bit of animated dog movies on this list. Want a little more live-action and adventure? Look up Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey. In short, there is a movie here for everyone.

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