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The Best Dog Food Brands

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Because dogs rule, we want to feed them the best food to reward them for being so awesome all the time and keep them living long, healthy lives. There are so many types of dog food available for all different types of dogs, but what's the TOP food to feed your canine? Whether your dog is a puppy, a senior, or in-between, whether your dog is a large breed or small breed, eats wet food, dry food, grain-free food, canned food, eats only natural dog food, or maybe your dog is overweight or has a sensitive stomach, vote for the dog food brands you like the most (which probably means it's a balance of food your dog likes and food you think is right for him or her). And for the love of dogs, if your favorite doggy food brand is missing, please add it to this list of all the best puppy and dog food companies. 

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List Rules: Only dog foods available at stores or online.