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The Best Dragon Ball Z Characters of All Time

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List RulesMust have appeared in the Dragon Ball Z series or movies. No characters that only appear in the original series, Super, or GT.

It is tough to get a consensus on who are the best Dragon Ball Z characters of all time. Do you judge it on strength, power level, or what? To level the playing field for important but weaker fighters, such as Krillin, this list is based on popularity. So vote up your favorite DBZ characters and vote down those you don't like. If you don't see an important DBZ character on the list, add them!

The best Dragon Ball Z characters below have been voted on by fans like you. The best characters of the show many not necessarily be protagonists and you are more than welcome to vote on villains. You'll find Dragon Ball Z character not just from the series, but also from the OVAs and movies as well. Details such as English and Japanese voice actors are included when available, along with miscellaneous details such as occupation.

So who is the fan favorite character of Dragon Ball Z? Scroll down so you can find out once and for all who fans think are the best Dragon Ball Z characters of all time. Thankfully, you won't have to wait till the next episode of Dragon Ball Z to find out.

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