The Best Drive-Thru Restaurant Chains

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Get in the car - easy meals coming up! This is a comprehensive list of the best drive-thru restaurant chains, including Chick-fil-A, Taco Bell, and Wendy's. Are you looking for the best fast food restaurant chains with drive-through windows? Look no further than our list of favorite restaurant chains that let you just zip on by without getting out of your vehicle. This list of drive-thru restaurants is listed in order from most popular to least, and can be changed depending on which ones the voters prefer the most—even more than McDonald's or Burger King. So pick your favorite chain restaurants in order depending on which ones you most like to visit for drive-through, or copy the list to make your very own list of drive-thru chain restaurants.

Did you forget the name of that delicious chain restaurant that you stopped at on your last vacation? Chances are good that you will find it listed here and can then search for the nearest location to enjoy another visit with delicious drive-thru food. With over 40 restaurants with drive-through chains listed here, most of your favorites will already be on the list. Even if a particular favorite chain restaurant is not in your area, a short drive to the nearest big city may bring you the eating pleasure you were longing for.

Get a pen and paper, browse through the list, and then search for the location closest to you. It’s time for a road trip to experience all your favorite drive-thru restaurants in one trip!

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