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The Best Driving Miss Daisy Quotes

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The best Driving Miss Daisy quotes make you realize how great the movie really is, even if you haven't seen it in a while. Let's rank the greatest quotes from Driving Miss Daisy, with the help of your votes. Starring Morgan Freeman and Jessica TandyDriving Miss Daisy was directed by Bruce Beresford and released in 1989.

What is your favorite Driving Miss Daisy quote? One memorable line was when Hoke says, "I'm tryin' to drive you to the store." Another great line from Driving Miss Daisy is, "Sometimes I think you ain't got the sense God gave a lemon!" spoken by Idella.

Vote up your top Driving Miss Daisy quotes, regardless of what character they come from.

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    Boolie Werthan: What I need is for somebody to drive my mother around.
    Hoke Colburn: Well, if you don' mind my askin', sir—how come she's not hirin' for herself?
    Boolie Werthan: See, it's kind of a delicate situation.
    Hoke Colburn: Oh, yessir, yessir...done gone around the bend a little bit. Well, now, that'll happen as they get old...
    Boolie Werthan: Oh, no, she's all there. Too-much-there is the problem! [Hoke laughs]
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      Drive You To The Store

      [Hoke is trailing Daisy in the car as she walks to the supermarket]
      Daisy Werthan: What are you doing?
      Hoke Colburn: I'm tryin' to drive you to the store!


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        Fix My Own Hair

        Daisy Werthan: [on the phone, trying to get a ride to her hair appointment] Well, I need you now, I have to be at the beauty parlor in half an hour... no, I most certainly did not know you have to call a minimum of two hours ahead! I don't know why you call yourselves a taxicab company if you can't provide taxicabs!
        Idella: [in the other room, polishing a table] Why don't you call your son down at the mill? He'll send someone to carry you.
        Daisy Werthan: That won't be necessary... I'll just cancel the appointment and fix my own hair!
        Idella: Sometimes I think you ain't got the sense God gave a lemon!
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          I Promise You That

          [Hoke and Idella are walking to Daisy's house and notice Boolie's car in the driveway]
          Hoke Colburn: Now what do you suppose he's doin' here this early in the morning?
          Idella: Dunno... can't be good, I promise you that!