The Best Dunkin Donut Flavors

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Decadently deep fried and crafted from a wide range of tasty batters, donuts are a popular treat for diners of all ages. One of the biggest purveyors of these pastries is Dunkin Donuts, a chain that has been baking since 1948. Dunkin Donuts has created donuts in scores of flavors over the years. While the absolute best types of Dunkin Donut may remain open to debate, everyone can agree that there are plenty of tempting kinds to choose from.

What are the top Dunkin Donut flavors? Perhaps you're a fan of the classic cake donut. These pastries are known for their denser texture and light crumb. At Dunkin, they come in flavors like chocolate and blueberry. Or maybe you favor seasonal treats like maple bars, with their fluffy texture and sweet maple icing. And then there are the filled donuts, which hide jelly, frosting, or even rich brownie batter under layers of sweet dough.

Which of these sweet treats would you put at the top of the list? Vote your favorite Dunkin Donuts flavors up toward the number-one spot, and add any baked goodies that are missing. It's understandable if you want to reward yourself with a donut after you've finished.
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