The Best Eurovision Song Contest Winners, Ranked

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Winners of the Eurovision Song Contest compete to represent their country over Eurovision week's live shows. Competitors have to both come out on top with public televoting and from a professional jury. The level of talent each contestant brings is always impressive, but who are the best winners of Eurovision? Help decide below!

With contestants ranging from solo artists to musical groups, the competition is fierce and expansive as musical artists compete for the honor of representing their country, and then against musicians from other countries. Countries themselves have to qualify for participation, based on how active they were in previous Eurovision voting. Even though many Eurovision Song Contest winners don't go on to become lasting household names, both ABBA and Celine Dion got their start at Eurovision.

Just like the original viewers who gave these musical artists their win, it's now your chance to vote up the best Eurovision winners.

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  • ABBA
    Synthpop, Disco, Pop music
    • Albums: Voyage, Fernando, Arrival, Thank You for the Music, Voulez-Vous

    Winner: 1974
    Country: Sweden
    Song: "Waterloo"
    Points: 24
    Won By Margin of: 6

  • Loreen
    Pop music, Dance music, Trance music
    • Albums: Heal, Crying Out Your Name, Requiem Solution, Euphoria (Remixes), Euphoria

    Winner: 2012
    Country: Sweden
    Song: "Euphoria"
    Points: 372
    Won By Margin of: 113

  • Alexander Rybak
    Indie pop, Adult contemporary music, Pop music
    • Albums: Christmas Tales, Visa vid vindens ängar, No Boundaries, Fairytales, Roll With the Wind

    Winner: 2009
    Country: Norway
    Song: "Fairytale"
    Points: 387
    Won By Margin of: 169

  • Celine Dion
    Adult contemporary music, Pop music, Rock music
    • Albums: Falling into You, These Are Special Times, Miracle, Loved Me Back to Life, Céline Dion chante Noël

    Winner: 1988
    Country: Switzerland
    Song: "Ne partez pas sans moi"
    Points: 137
    Won By Margin of: 1

  • Katrina and the Waves
    New Wave, Pop music, Rock music
    • Albums: Walking on Sunshine, Waves, Walking on Sunshine, Katrina and the Waves, Walking on Sunshine: The Greatest Hits Of

    Winner: 1997
    Country: United Kingdom
    Song: "Love Shine a Light"
    Points: 227
    Won By Margin of: 70

  • Duncan Laurence

    Duncan Laurence

    Rock, Pop
    • Albums: Arcade

    Winner: 2019
    Country: Netherlands
    Song: "Arcade"
    Points: 492
    Won By Margin of: 27

  • Elena Paparizou
    Laïko, Pop-folk, Pop music
    • Albums: Protereotita, My Number One, Iparhi Logos, Giro Apo T' Oneiro, The Game of Love

    Winner: 2005
    Country: Greece
    Song: "My Number One"
    Points: 230
    Won By Margin of: 38

  • Marija Šerifović
    • Albums: Bez ljubavi, Nisam Anđeo, Naj, najbolja, Molitva

    Winner: 2007
    Country: Serbia
    Song: "Molitva" (Молитва)
    Points: 268
    Won By Margin of: 33

  • Nicole

    Winner: 1982
    Country: Germany
    Song: "Ein bißchen Frieden"
    Points: 161
    Won By Margin of: 61

  • France Gall
    Pop music, Yé-yé
    • Albums: France, Long Box: France Gall, Viens je t'emmène, Poupée de cire, poupée de son

    Winner: 1965
    Country: Luxembourg
    Song: "Poupée de cire, poupée de son"
    Points: 32
    Won By Margin of: 6

  • Emmelie de Forest
    Pop music, Folk music
    • Albums: Only Teardrops, Rainmaker, Only Teardrops, Hunter & Prey, Drunk Tonight

    Winner: 2013
    Country: Denmark
    Song: "Only Teardrops"
    Points: 281
    Won By Margin of: 47

  • Måns Zelmerlöw
    • Albums: Stand by for..., Christmas With Friends, Brother Oh Brother, Hope & Glory, Cara Mia (Maxi)

    Winner: 2015
    Country: Sweden
    Song: "Heroes"
    Points: 365
    Won By Margin of: 62

  • Lordi
    Horror punk, Glam metal, Progressive metal
    • Albums: The Arockalypse, Get Heavy, The Monsterican Dream, Deadache, The Monster Show

    Winner: 2006
    Country: Finland
    Song: "Hard Rock Hallelujah"
    Points: 292
    Won By Margin of: 44

  • Dana International
    Pop music, World music, Electronic dance music
    • Albums: Hakol ze Letova, Ha'Chalom Ha'Efshari, E.P.Tampa, Maganuna, Yoter VeYoter

    Winner: 1998
    Country: Israel
    Song: "Diva" (דיווה)
    Points: 172
    Won By Margin of: 6

  • Conchita Wurst
    • Albums: Rise Like a Phoenix, That's What I Am, Unbreakable

    Winner: 2014
    Country: Austria
    Song: "Rise Like A Phoenix"
    Points: 290
    Won By Margin of: 52

  • Lena Meyer-Landrut
    Indie pop, Indie, Pop music
    • Albums: Satellite, Good News, My Cassette Player, Stardust, Stardust

    Winner: 2010
    Country: Germany
    Song: "Satellite"
    Points: 246
    Won By Margin of: 76

  • Johnny Logan
    Pop music, Folk music
    • Albums: We All Need Love, What's Another Year, Reach Out, Reach for Me, Save This Christmas for Me

    Winner: 1980 and 1987
    Country: Ireland
    Song: "What's Another Year" (1980) and "Hold Me Now" (1987)
    Points: 143 (1980) and 172 (1987)
    Won By Margin of: 15 (1980) and 31 (1987)

  • Måneskin


    Winner: 2021
    Country: Italy
    Song: "Zitti e buoni"
    Points: 524

  • Winner: 2000
    Country: Denmark
    Song: "Fly on the Wings of Love"
    Points: 2195
    Won By Margin of: 40

  • Teach-In
    • Albums: Collection, The Hits, Our Songs

    Winner: 1975
    Country: Netherlands
    Song: "Ding-a-dong"
    Points: 152
    Won By Margin of: 14

  • Gali Atari with Milk and Honey
    Pop, Folk, Zemer ivri

      Winner: 1979
      Country: Israel
      Song: "Hallelujah" (הללויה)
      Points: 125
      Won By Margin of: 9

    • Secret Garden
      New Age music, Neoclassical New Age music, Nordic folk music
      • Albums: Earthsongs, White Stones, Once in a Red Moon, Dawn of a New Century, Inside I'm Singing

      Winner: 1995
      Country: Norway
      Song: "Nocturne"
      Points: 148
      Won By Margin of: 29

    • Brotherhood of Man
      Blue-eyed soul, Pop music, Soul music
      • Albums: B for Brotherhood, United We Stand, Love and Kisses From Brotherhood of Man, Images, Oh Boy! / Images

      Winner: 1976
      Country: United Kingdom
      Song: "Save Your Kisses for Me"
      Points: 164
      Won By Margin of: 17

    • Winner: 1964
      Country: Italy
      Song: "Non ho l'età"
      Points: 49
      Won By Margin of: 32

    • Ruslana
      Pop music, Rock music, Electro
      • Albums: Dyki Tantsi, Myt Vesny – Dzvinkyi Viter, Amazonka, Dobryi vechir, tobi...

      Winner: 2004
      Country: Ukraine
      Song: "Wild Dances"
      Points: 280
      Won By Margin of: 17