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The Best Eurovision Song Contest Winners, Ranked

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Winners of the Eurovision Song Contest compete to represent their country over Eurovision week's live shows. Competitors have to both come out on top with public televoting and from a professional jury. The level of talent each contestant brings is always impressive, but who are the best winners of Eurovision? Help decide below!

With contestants ranging from solo artists to musical groups, the competition is fierce and expansive as musical artists compete for the honor of representing their country, and then against musicians from other countries. Countries themselves have to qualify for participation, based on how active they were in previous Eurovision voting. Even though many Eurovision Song Contest winners don't go on to become lasting household names, both ABBA and Celine Dion got their start at Eurovision.

Just like the original viewers who gave these musical artists their win, it's now your chance to vote up the best Eurovision winners.

  • 51
    Pop music, Schlager music

    AlbumsWaiting for the Morning, Bobbysocks!, Walkin' on Air

    Winner: 1985
    Country: Norway
    Song: "La det swinge"
    Points: 123
    Won By Margin of: 18

  • 52
    Pop music, Pop rock

    Winner: 1992
    Country: Ireland
    Song: "Why Me"
    Points: 155
    Won By Margin of: 16

  • 53

    Winner: 1957
    Country: Netherlands
    Song: "Net als toen"
    Points: 31
    Won By Margin of: 14

  • 54
    Pop music, Dance-pop

    AlbumsYa Nochnoy Huligan, Na Beregu Neba, Vremya reka, Protiv pravil, Believe

    Winner: 2008
    Country: Russia
    Song: "Believe"
    Points: 272
    Won By Margin of: 42

  • 55

    Winner: 1963
    Country: Denmark
    Song: "Dansevise"
    Points: 42
    Won By Margin of: 2

  • 56

    Winner: 1990
    Country: Italy
    Song: "Insieme: 1992"
    Points: 149
    Won By Margin of: 17

  • 57

    Winner: 1960
    Country: France
    Song: "Tom Pillibi"
    Points: 32
    Won By Margin of: 7

  • 58
    Opera, Jazz

    AlbumsFor Every Heart

    Winner: 2016
    Country: Ukraine
    Song: "1944"
    Points: 534
    Won By Margin of: 23

  • 59
    Pop music

    AlbumsAutorretrato, La, la, la / Pensamientos, sentimientos

    Winner: 1968
    Country: Spain
    Song: "La, la, la"
    Points: 29
    Won By Margin of: 1

  • 60

    Winner: 1958
    Country: France
    Song: "Dors, mon amour"
    Points: 27
    Won By Margin of: 3

  • 61
    Pop music

    AlbumsGyllene Hits, Varje liten droppe regn

    Winner: 1984
    Country: Sweden
    Song: "Diggi-Loo Diggi-Ley"
    Points: 145
    Won By Margin of: 8

  • 62
    Pop music, Jazz

    AlbumsIeskaties acīs, Noslēpumi, Nesauciet sev līdzi, Ma voix, ma voie

    Winner: 2002
    Country: Latvia
    Song: "I Wanna"
    Points: 176
    Won By Margin of: 12

  • 63

    Winner: 1994
    Country: Ireland
    Song: "Rock 'n' Roll Kids"
    Points: 226
    Won By Margin of: 60

  • 64
    Christian music, Pop music

    AlbumsHumble Myself

    Winner: 1970
    Country: Ireland
    Song: "All Kinds of Everything"
    Points: 32
    Won By Margin of: 6

  • 65

    Winner: 2001
    Country: Estonia
    Song: "Everybody"
    Points: 198
    Won By Margin of: 21