WATCH The Best Excuses to Get Out of Work  

Jordan Bates

Everyone has those days they just don't want to go into work. Maybe you're just tired. Maybe you want to line up for the next Supreme drop. Maybe you just love the thrill of getting away with something.

The US is notorious for having fewer vacation days and for valuing holidays less than many other industrialized nations, so maybe it's up to you just to give your boss a little extra incentive for maintaining your mental health.

Regardless of the real reason you want to stay away from the office, you'll need something solid to tell your supervisor - something that sounds legitimate and upstanding, but that buys you the time you need for all that self-care. Not that a beach day isn't a great reason to take work off, but it may be hard to convince your boss that some tacos and chill time once in a while is a better way to spend your day - while still employed - than actually showing up to, well, work.

Watch this video for the top five excuses you can use next time you're trying to finagle a day off work. What's your excuse?