The Best Fairy Tail Villains of All Time

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It's one of the longest running modern anime, but who is the best Fairy Tail villain that you wish you could see more of? There are a ton of awesome enemies in Fairy Tail, ranging from favorites like Jellal Fernandes to Hades and Flare Corona. What makes a great villain in anime? They of course have to be powerful and act as a roadblock to the protagonists, but they must also have interesting backstories that tell us why they're fighting or why they've chosen the path that they have.

Ultear Milkovich is a great example of a Fairy Tail villain who has a sympathetic backstory. How can you not feel bad for someone who was experimented on as a child? Vote up your favorite Fairy Tail villain below, and add any that we've missed.
Most divisive: Juvia Lockser
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  • Zeref
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  • Acnologia
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  • Moving Vehicles
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    Moving Vehicles

  • Irene Belserion
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    Irene Belserion

  • Tartarus
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  • Spriggan 12
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    Spriggan 12