The Best Fat Movies

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Only movies where being fat is a plot point.

A list of the best movies about fat people. This is a list of films that feature an actor or actress in a fat suit. If your favorite fat film isn't on the list, please feel free to add it yourself. All genres have been included in this list of the best fat films. Since the silent era, over-weight has equalled funny. From Fatty Arbuckle and Oliver Hardy, to Chris Farley audiences love the fat guy. And in this case, the audience loves them so much that skinny actors are willing to make themselves look obese. This list of films salutes those comedians with normal sized actors bulking up in fat suits to play the fat man role. And these are A-List stars we're talking about who let it all hang out for these fat films. Virtually all of these films are comedies, but there are some family films as well.


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