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Final Destination 2 quotes are certainly quotable for movie fans. These are some of the best quotes from the supernatural movie Final Destination 2 as determined by you and your votes. Directed by David R. Ellis, Final Destination 2 continues the events of the original film (2000), with Death seeking out the lone survivor of flight 180. Final Destination 2 was released in theaters on January 31, 2003.

What are the best Final Destination 2 quotes? Do you like Rory's pop culture line, "Yeah, like, what if we're all getting that Diff'rent Strokes curse or something"? Or do you like some of the lesser known lines from the film? Let it be known. Vote for your top Final Destination 2 quotes and watch them rise to the top of the list.

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[After Kimberly packs up her stuff at her SUV, She turns to her father.]
Kimberly Corman: Okay, I'll call you.
Michael Corman: Kimberly, are you sure you've got everything? Credit card, cell phone, Triple-A card?---
Kimberly Corman: Dad, it's Daytona, not Somalia.
Michael Corman: Alright... Fix-a-flat, road flares, sunblock, mace?
[Shaina appears and puts her stuff at Kimberly's SUV.; Shaina goes to Michael and Kimberly.]
Shaina McKlank: Condoms, whips, chains?
[Michael turns to Shaina.]
Shaina McKlank: Just kidding, Mr. Corman. Don't worry, I'll keep an eye on her.
Michael Corman: That makes me feel a lot better, thanks.
Dano Estevez: Oh, easy, Kimmy. First year of driving?
[She turns around and see the same bum from her premonition along with the cans which dropped from her bag.; Dano and Frankie laughed, Kimberly horrified, see the same people in their vehicles in the traffic.]
Frankie Whitman: Yo, Dano, shouldn't we, uh, help your mom?
Dano Estevez: Oh, good one man.
Frankie Whitman: Yeah.
Dano Estevez: You're hilarious.
[Kimberly turns around and see the same bus of Mt. Abraham High School with the students, chanting "Pile-up".; She was horrified.]
Kimberly Corman: [horrified] Oh my God.
Shaina McKlank: What?
Kimberly Corman: [panicked] There's going to be a huge accident. We're all gonna die! I just saw it.
Dano Estevez: Alright, that's it. My turn to drive.
Kimberly Corman: [panicked.] No, I'm serious!
Shaina McKlank: Kim, what's wrong?
Kimberly Corman: [horrified] Oh my God.
[Kimberly turns on her radio and heard the Flight 180 memorial from her premonition.]
Shaina McKlank: What are you doing?
Kimberly Corman: [horrified] Oh my God.
[Kimberly sobbed and horrified, shifts the radio]
Kimberly Corman: [horrified, chanting] "Highway to Hell", "Highway to Hell".
Frankie Whitman: "Highway to Hell"?
[The radio plays "Highway to Hell", from her premonition.; She was horrified.]
Shaina McKlank: Okay, Kimberly, you're scaring me.
[Kimberly, still horrified, turns off the radio and puts her hands on the steering wheel.]
Dano Estevez: Green means go, Kimmy.
Kimberly Corman: [horrified] Yeah.
[Kimberly drives her SUV to the middle of the road and stop, blocking the highway.]
Dano Estevez: Are you out of your friggin' mind?! What the hell are you doing?!
Frankie Whitman: What the fuck, Kimberly?!
[In the police car, Thomas sees the traffic and Kimberly's SUV in the highway.]
Thomas Burke: What's this?
[Thomas drives his police car to the highway.]