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Final Destination 3 quotes are certainly quotable for movie fans. These are some of the best quotes from the supernatural movie Final Destination 3 as determined by you and your votes. This is the second sequel in the Final Destination franchise. In it, a teen foresees a roller-coaster derailment and saves her friends from death, only for Death to start to seeking them out. Released on February 10, 2006, the tagline for Final Destination 3 was "This ride will be the death of you."

What are the best Final Destination 3 quotes? Do you like Kevin's line, "It's never better staying ignorant. Willful ignorance is surrendering control"? Or do you like some of the lesser known lines from the film? Let it be known. Vote for your top Final Destination 3 quotes and watch them rise to the top of the list.

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Yeah, That Might Kill me is listed (or ranked) 1 on the list The Best Final Destination 3 Quotes
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[In the carnival, Jason, Carrie and Kevin are riding on the ride.]
Kevin Fischer: [to Jason.; pointing to Wendy.] Did you see that?
[Wendy starts taking a picture of them.]
Wendy Christensen: [laughing.] Oh my God.
[The ride stops.]
Jason Wise: Yes, yes.
Kevin Fischer: Nice, nice, nice.
Jason Wise: I'm sick.
Kevin Fischer: Worth the weight.
[Wendy laughs and checks the photo, then looks at the ride then looks at the photo again says "HIGH DI E".; Jason appears and hugs to Wendy. Kevin and Carrie walks with them.]
Kevin Fischer: That was intense man. The feeling will be this?... crash and burn like that.
Wendy Christensen: Oh yeah, and maybe for you, our lives are just going somewhere.
Jason Wise: Okay, where we gotta go is to the roller coaster and that's gonna kill me. [checks his watch.] It surpasses from 9:15. We miss that, I'm standing length the day in a half, and that's gonna kill me. Alright? Let's go.
Kevin Fischer: Okay what we need, is to get a deep fry snickers and a coke.
Jason Wise: Before riding Devil's Flight? Yeah, that might kill me.
Kevin Fischer: Oh!!! What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger man! [holds Jason.]
[Wendy stops and notices the roller coaster ,feeling something's bad is gonna happen. Wendy sees the Devil's Flight and walks away.]
[Wendy puts the camera on the table.]
Kevin Fischer: [takes the camera.] I'll take that.
Wendy Christensen: No come on, give me. It's not even mine Kevin, It's the yearbook. It's just having---
[Kevin picture's Stacy's panties.; Wendy tries to get the camera back from Kevin]
Kevin Fischer: Hey, hey give me the--- [Wendy takes the picture of Kevin in the face with a flash, blinding him.]
Carrie Dreyer: Um, could you like, please delete that one of Stacy? [turns to Kevin and hits him.]
Wendy Christensen: These are for the yearbook and I have to turn them in tomorrow to make a deadline and, like, I doubt if a shot of Stacy Kobayashi's camel toe is gonna make it in there.
Kevin Fischer: Whew, I'd buy two.
[Jason laughs. Carrie looks at Kevin]
Caller: Number 38, you're order's ready.
Kevin Fischer: That's us.
[Jason and Kevin stands up and gets their order.]
Carrie Dreyer: I'm so sorry, Kevin get's so out of control.
Wendy Christensen: I'm here just say, He make me crazy. [laughs.] I mean you know, I'm such a control freak like, I could handle that. [Carrie turns to Kevin with Jason picking their order, then turns back to Wendy.]
Carrie Dreyer: I'm breaking up with him. Couple of weeks after graduation. I've been wanting to for a while. but don't tell anybody, okay?
[Wendy nods.; Kevin and Jason appears with their order.]
Kevin Fischer: Whoa, [points to Ashley and Ashlyn, playing the water gun game] Now that shot there that will sell some yearbooks.
[Ashley and Ashlyn laughs.]
Ashley Freund: I love it.
Ashlyn Halperin: I love it.
Wendy Christensen: Ugh... Alright so I'm a total whore. [Wendy stands up to take a picture of Ashley and Ashlyn.]
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[While Ashley and Ashlyn play at the game.]
Ashley Freund: Come on, Go, go, go, go, go, go!
Ashlyn Halperin: Oh my god Ashley, you're winning. You're totally winning.
Ashley Freund: Am I winning?
Ashlyn Halperin: Yeah. Hurry.
Ashley Freund: Come on, come on, come on, come on, come on.
[Wendy appears to take a picture.]
Ashley Freund: Am I winning the grand prize?
Ashlyn Halperin: You're totally winning.
Ashley Freund: Come on, come on, come on, come on, come on.
[As Wendy prepares to take a picture, he sees the omens on the game.]
Ashlyn Halperin: Don't look.
Ashley Freund: Oh my gosh!
Ashlyn Halperin: What's wrong?
Ashley Freund: I'm winning! I'm winning! [The balloon pops. Ashley cheers for joy.]
Ashlyn Halperin: You won! I knew it! [she and Ashley hug each other..]
[The owner rewards Ashley, an inflatable palm tree.]
Ashley Freund: Oh my god! Gimme my prize.
Ashlyn Halperin: That is so awesome, Ashley.
[Wendy smiles.]
Wendy Christensen: [calling.] Ashley.
[Ashley and Ashlyn turns to Wendy and pose each other as Wendy takes a picture.]
[Wendy begins to picture Kevin with a dancer.; Julie and her friends appears and block the view.]
Wendy Christensen: Excuse me?
[Julie and her friends reveal themselves.]
Wendy Christensen: You're not a senior!
Julie Christensen: And what are *you* gonna do about it, Miss "cutest couple rah-rah"? [Amber and Perry laugh.]
Wendy Christensen: Mom know you're here?
Julie Christensen: You are a complete bitch if you tell her!
Wendy Christensen: [flashes her camera] Proof where you were.
Julie Christensen: Take a shot of this!
[She sticks both her middle fingers at Wendy, as she pictures it.; Wendy smirks.]