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Final Destination 5 quotes are certainly quotable for movie fans. These are some of the best quotes from the supernatural movie Final Destination 5 as determined by you and your votes. Released on August 12, 2011, Final Destination 5 was a surprise addition to the franchise, which was meant to stop at no. 4. The tagline for Final Destination 5 was "We all share a common destination." This movie and franchise falls in the genre categories of fantasy, horror, mystery, and thriller.

What are the best Final Destination 5 quotes? Do you like William Bludworth's "Death... doesn't like to be cheated" line? Or do you like some of the lesser known lines from the film? Let it be known. Vote for your top Final Destination 5 quotes and watch them rise to the top of the list.

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Peter Friedkin: Hey Sam. I say would you mind put the breakfast together for the retreat. I meant like some stale doughnuts? Some coffee? Well, this is amazing.
Sam Lawton: Thanks man, I just uh... remember that when you see my sales report for the last month.
[Peter picks a food and eats it.]
Peter Friedkin: I saw it last night.
Sam Lawton: [realized.] Oh shit. Has Dennis seen it?
Peter Friedkin: Not yet. Look, you just need to make a decision, you know. Now you're gonna be a chef or you're gonna be sales guy? I'm saying that as your friend. Because as your boss, I'm... I'm ready to fire your ass.
Sam Lawton: And as your friend, I appreciate that advice.
Peter Friedkin: Good.
[Sam sees Molly parking her car.]
Sam Lawton: Hold on, man, I'll be right back.
[Sam walks to Molly as she exits her car.]
Sam Lawton: Molly, Your... ticket's canceled. Tell me that's a mistake.
Molly Harper: I was gonna tell you after this weekend.
Sam Lawton: Uh, tell me what?
Molly Harper: That I don't... think it's such a good idea.
Sam Lawton: What, the trip? It's... my brother's wedding. What's going on here?
Molly Harper: We should talk about this later. Let's just---
Sam Lawton: What? And... no, and pretend like I didn't see this for the next two days? No, let's talk about this now.
Molly Harper: It's not working out, Sam. We're not working out.
[Sam was disappointed.]
[While Peter is checking the list, Candice walks to him.]
Candice Hooper: Hey.
Peter Friedkin: Hey. Oh, it's, uh, Candice, right?
Candice Hooper: Not funny. [grabs Peter]
Peter Friedkin: Oh, hey---
[Candice kisses Peter]
Peter Friedkin: Okay sorry, this is not a vacation okay? this is a business retreat. So we're gonna be all business for the next two days. Sorry. I love you, but doesn't change the fact that you're still an intern.
[Candice sighs as Peter leaves but stops.]
Peter Friedkin: Oh, um?... but that 12:30 curfew tonight, You should plan on breaking that.
Candice Hooper: Why?
Peter Friedkin: For the naked team-building.
[Peter left as Candice smiles]
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[As Olivia leave the van, the rocker tuck out of his van holding Olivia's glasses]
Rocker: Hey, Olivia.
[Olivia turns to the rocker.]
Rocker: Don't forget these.
Olivia Castle: Oh, yeah. I've been trying to. [gets her glasses and wears it.]
Rocker: Why, I like it, it's very... Lisa Loeb.
Olivia Castle: Oh, Well you know, I'll rather be very.. Olivia.
[Olivia walks away.]
Rocker: We got a gig on Sunday.
Olivia Castle: Yeah, I'll be there.
[Olivia walking to Peter.]
Olivia Castle: [to Peter.] Good morning Peter. Looking good.
Peter Friedkin: [reluctant.] Uh... hi?
Candice Hooper: Hello Olivia.
Olivia Castle: Hmm?
Candice Hooper: Have you slept with every hipster in town yet?
Olivia Castle: [while grabbing her shirt.] Candice. Do you actually get paid for this internship or does Daddy just increase your allowance?
Candice Hooper: You know, if you want to get rid of that baby fat, you should try the gym. They have these workout machines that you use on your back. You're good at that?
Olivia Castle: [smirks.] Sweetie that's not fat,...
[Olivia removes her crop top.]
Olivia Castle: They're called tits.
[She puts her top on her bag and walk away to change, leaving Candice angry and speechless.]