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The Best Final Destination Quotes

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Final Destination quotes are certainly quotable for movie fans. These are some of the best quotes from the supernatural horror film Final Destination as determined by you and your votes. Directed by James Wong, Final Destination centered on a teen who foresees a plane crash and is able to escape death along with several classmates. Death, however, seeks out the survivors to complete the reckoning. Released on March 17, 2000, the tagline for Final Destination was "In the twisted tradition of The Twilight Zone." The film, which led to four sequels, starred Devon Sawa, Ali Larter, Kerr Smith, and Tony Todd.

What are the best Final Destination quotes? Do you like Bludworth's line, "In death there are no accidents, no coincidences, no mishaps, and no escapes"? Or do you like some of the lesser known lines from the film? Let it be known. Vote for your top Final Destination quotes and watch them rise to the top of the list.

  • Barbara Browning: Alex?
    [Barbara goes to the door, holding Alex's clothes.; She sees Alex and enters his room.]
    Barbara Browning: Tod and George's dad just called. He's picking you up at 3:30 tomorrow [puts Alex's clothes on Ken's suitcase.] and the bus leaves the high school for the airport around five.
    [Ken walks near the door.]
    Ken Browning: How's my suitcase working out for you?
    [Barbara began to pull off the flight tag but Alex stops it.]
    Alex Browning: Whoa Mom, mom. Mom, you gotta leave that on. [Barbara turns to her son] Yeah, it's like the tag made the last flight without the plane crashing or anything. So I figure it's gotta be on the bag, or at least, with the bag. [turns to Ken then turns back to his mother.] For luck.
    Barbara Browning: Where would you get a nutball idea like that? [rips off the tag]
    Ken Browning: [lifts his shoulders] I'm still here.
    [Barbara gives her husband a look as Alex laughs]
    Ken Browning: So, 17 on the loose. Senior trip with your friends in Paris. Ten days in the springtime. Live it up, Alex. You got your whole life ahead of you.
  • Hare Krishna: [to Alex] Death is not the end. [hands a brochure to him]
    [Ms. Lewton arrives and backs away Alex.]
    Valerie Lewton: It will be for you if you harass my students.
    Hare Krishna: Hare Rama.
    Valerie Lewton: [mouths] Fuck off.
    [She and Alex continue to walk away.]
  • Tod Waggner: Let's go take a shit.
    Alex Browning: Why can't you go take a shit by yourself?
    Tod Waggner: No, dude. Listen, okay? Listen. Say you're on the plane, all of a sudden your body wants that airplane food out. You go to torque a wicked cable and right after you walks in Christa or Blake. Now, do you want them to associate you with that watery sting in their eye, that reflective gag at the back of their throat?
  • [Present]
    Christa Marsh: Alex?
    [Alex wakes up, horrified.]
    Christa Marsh: Could you trade seats so Blake and I could sit together?
    [Alex turns to Tod, who does the same actions in his premonition.]
    Christa Marsh: She asked Tod, but he said he had some sort of medical thing.
    Blake Dreyer: Please?
    [Alex, horrified emerges out of his seat.; All the passengers were looking at him.; Alex rushes to Tod's seat.]
    Tod Waggner: What's up, dude?
    [Alex pulled out the loosed screw on the tray, from his premonition. He was horrified.; Christa and Blake take their seats, as a flight attendant stumbles Alex.]
    Flight Attendant: Is there a problem, sir?
    Carter Horton: What's your fucking problem?
    Larry Murnau: [stumbles to Alex.] Alex? Qu'est-ce que c'est?
    Alex Browning: [emerges out of the seat, screaming.] "Qu'est-ce que c'est?" The fucking plane's gonna explode!
    Carter Horton: Shut up, Browning.
    Terry Chaney: [stands up] You're so not funny!
    Flight Attendant: If this is your idea of a joke, we will---
    Alex Browning: [panicked] It's not a joke! It's not a joke!---
    Tod Waggner: Alex take it easy!
    Carter Horton: [stands up] That's it! Sit down, Browning.
    Alex Browning: [panicked] It's going down! It's going down!---
    Flight Attendant: We will remove you from this aircraft if this continues!
    Carter Horton: [lunges to Alex] I'll remove him! [Tod and George tried to stop him.]
    Alex Browning: [shoves past Tod; to Carter] Fuck you! I'll remove myself!
    [Alex began to escape and Carter attempts to fight him as Billy arrives the flight.]
    Co-Pilot: Excuse me! [grabs Carter]
    Terry Chaney: Get off him! [trying to grip the co-pilot's arm on Carter.]
    [Carter punches Alex, as the attendant catches him.]
    Billy Hitchcock: Wait, Wait. That's my seat right---!
    [The co-pilot grabs Carter off the plane, shoving Billy off the plane as well.; Terry follows them as the flight attendant began to grab Alex out of the plane.]
    Alex Browning: This plane is going down! Get out!
    Flight Attendant: [while grabbing Alex] Everybody in the aisle, off the plane!
    [Alex, Carter, Terry and Billy were thrown off the plane by the flight attendant and the co-pilot.]
    Alex Browning: Get off the plane!
    [As Ms. Lewton began to leave, she turns to the students.]
    Valerie Lewton: Everybody just stay where you are! Just sit tight.
    Alex Browning: Listen! The fucking plane is going down!
    [Ms. Lewton and Mr. Murnau left the plane as Clear realizes this.]
    George Waggner: [turns to Tod] Go check him out. See how he's doing.
    Tod Waggner: Okay.
    [Tod gets out of his seat and left the plane as Clear gets out of her seat, grabs her stuff and left the plane as well.]