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The best Flags of Our Fathers quotes make you realize how great the movie really is, even if you haven't seen it in a while. Let's rank the greatest quotes from Flags of Our Fathers, with the help of your votes. Starring Ryan Phillippe, Jesse Bradford, and Adam Beach, Flags of Our Fathers was directed by Clint Eastwood and released in 2006.

What is your favorite Flags of Our Fathers quote? One memorable line was when Rene Gagnon said, "No sense being a hero if you don't look like one." Another great line from Flags of Our Fathers is, "That's what we're calling the mothers of the dead flag-raisers. You present each mother with a flag, they say a few words, people will sh*t money. It'll be so moving," spoken by Bud Gerber.

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Six Guys Raising A Flag

Ira Hayes: Hank wasn't in the picture.
Bud Gerber: Sorry?
Ira Hayes: Hank didn't raise that flag. He raised the other one. The real flag.
Bud Gerber: The what? The real... the real flag? There's a real flag?
John "Doc" Bradley: Yeah, ours was the replacement flag. We put it up when they took the other one down.
Bud Gerber: Am I the only one getting a headache here? You know about this?
Keyes Beech: It was after it was already in the papers. The mothers had already been told by then.
Bud Gerber: Aw, that's it, that's beautiful. Yeah, that's beautiful. Yeah, why tell me? I'm only the guy that has to explain it to a hundred and fifty million Americans. Who is in the goddamn picture? Are any of you guys in the goddamn picture?
Ira Hayes: Yeah, we're in the goddamn picture.
Bud Gerber: Six guys raising a flag over Iwo Jima. Victory is ours. You're three of them, right?
John "Doc" Bradley: This was the fifth day, sir. The battle went on for thirty-five more.
Bud Gerber: Well, what'd you do, raise a goddamn flag every time you stopped for lunch?
Ira Hayes: Can I hit this guy?

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The Dead Guys

John "Doc" Bradley: You gotta be kidding.
Bud Gerber: Hey, it took a lot of talented folks a long time to make that thing. Just wait till tonight when it's lit properly and there's thousands of cheering people in the stands, it's gonna look a lot better. So, stadium lights come down, spotlight comes up, you get your cue, you charge up this thing with the flag, you plant it at the top. You smile, you wave, you know the drill.
John "Doc" Bradley: You want us to plant the flag on a pile of papier-mache.
Bud Gerber: Hey, that's showbiz. And try to stand how you stood the first time you planted it. Just, you know, pretend the other three guys are with you.
Ira Hayes: The dead guys.

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Worked Real Good

Lindberg: Chief, I had very little to do with Sitting Bull's death, so maybe you could stop taking it out on me.
Ira Hayes: Different tribe. The Pimas fought on the side of the white man.
Gust: See, now that's smart.
Hank Hansen: That is smart.
Ira Hayes: Yeah. Worked real good for us.

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Ma's Got A Picture
Belle Block: Oh my Lord, that's Harlon!
Belle's Young Son: Where?
Belle Block: Right there. Planting that flag, that's your brother.
Belle's Young Son: Ma, all you can see is his behind.
Belle Block: And that's his. I powdered and diapered it, I know my son. That's him. Go get your father.
Belle's Young Son: Daddy, Ma's got a picture of Harlon's keister in the paper!
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