The Best Food For A Hangover

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Any food or drink that you can ingest to successfully navigate those special types of mornings.

Everyone has their own way to beat the pain of a hangover, typically with the best hangover snacks, foods, and restorative beverages you can get your hands on. You wake up (hopefully in the same place you collapsed!) and find yourself ready to have a slow day. But, hark! There is hope. There are things you can do to help yourself drag through the day, and the very first is eating and drinking the special treats that will make it all better. Whether you're Team Gatorade or Team Pedialyte, reach for carbs in their various forms, or even go the ol' hair of the dog method, add your favorite hangover foods and other digestible remedies and vote up the ones that work for you! Not all of these are technically "foods"; drinks are included and any other hangover helpers that one consumes may make the list. Good luck with your headache. And if you're not sure where to grab your cure-all munchies, check out our list of best hangover restaurants.

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