The Best Food Movies Of All Time

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Only movies where food is the main focus.

Here is a list of the best food movies. These are movies about food that feature dining as a central theme. We're sure we've included them all, but if you believe your favorite movie should be higher on the list, be sure to vote it up. All types of cuisine have been included from fine dining, to hamburgers, to post-apocalyptic cannibalism (hey, it's still technically food). So no matter what your favorite meal of the day is (breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, or the mythical "brinner") there is bound be a film on this list of the best food films that you will enjoy. Make sure you're full when you watch these or you're sure to be far hungrier by the end of this list.

You don't need to be a foodie to enjoy these food movies but it doesn't hurt. Vote up your favorite food-centric films and vote down any that you think other food fans should skip.

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