The Best Foods to Eat on a Date

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Going on a first date is a tricky situation. After you've decided what to wear, what to say, and where to go, you have to figure out what to eat on a date. Now, if your perfect first date is a night at the ball game, maybe you're not going to be completely horrified if a foul ball knocks a mustard laden hot dog onto your white shirt, but there are other, more complicated date situations that require a little more thought when deciding what to eat on a date.

The worst foods to eat on a date are poor food choices like spaghetti, ramen, ribs, and other foods that are smelly (before, during, or after) or likely to get stuck in your teeth. Good foods to order in a date include food that doesn't leave a bad taste in your mouth (like chicken breast), foods without large amounts of sauces and toppings that might end up on your clothes, foods that are easy to eat with utensils, and anything that prevents you from looking unappealing as you attempt to eat it. There are some exceptions (like oysters or chocolate fondue) to these first date food rules when the food itself can serve as an aphrodisiac, so you can keep that in mind when you see something like that on the list. 

What are the best foods to order on a date? What are the best foods to eat on a date? This list of good foods for a date should give you an idea of go-to foods if you're looking for a yes when asking for a second date (or more). If you know of great date foods that should be on the perfect first date food list and aren't, make sure to add them and know that you're contributing to the greater good of the dating world.

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