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The Best Forgetting Sarah Marshall Quotes

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Forgetting Sarah Marshall quotes are certainly quotable for movie fans.These are some of the best quotes from the romantic comedy-drama Forgetting Sarah Marshall, as determined by you and your votes. Written by and starring Jason Segel, Forgetting Sarah Marshall centered on Peter (Segel), a depressed composer who tries to forget his ex while holidaying in Hawaii and manages to do so with the help of a thoughtful front-desk clerk. Released in the spring of 2008 on April 18, Forgetting Sarah Marshall also starred Kristen Bell as the eponymous Sarah and Mila Kunis as Rachel the clerk.

What are the best Forgetting Sarah Marshall quotes? Do you like Rachel's carpe-diem advice, "I'm just saying, if you hate something, then change it!"? Or do you like some of the lesser known lines from the film? Let it be known. Vote for your top Forgetting Sarah Marshall quotes and watch them rise to the top of the list. You can also check out more shows and movies like Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

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    Sarah Marshall: Peter... as you know, I love you very much...
    Peter Bretter: (horrified)...Are you breaking up with me? (drops his towel and covers his face, revealing his nakedness)
    Sarah Marshall: ...Pete? Are you, um...?
    'Peter Bretter: ...I just need a minute. (turns away, then hunches over and starts whimpering to himself)
    Sarah Marshall: ...Okay?
    • Sarah Marshall: Do you want to put some clothes on?!
      Peter Bretter: (sarcastically) Would you like to pick out the outfit you break up with me in?!
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        Sarah Marshall: I feel... I've been feeling... that, for a long time, we've been growing apart. We're leading different lives.
        Peter Bretter: (glances away, unconvinced) Who's the dude? (stands up) Who's the dude?
        Sarah Marshall: What?! No, that's not what this is about! There's no-one else. (stands up)
        Peter Bretter: I know what's happening here- I really do. You've been working so much lately, that we haven't got to spend much time together and- you're forgetting what it's like to be with me. But- maybe if we just held each other or something- you would remember what it's like to be with me.
        Sarah Marshall: No-
        Peter Bretter: Please hold me. (Sarah hesitates) please. (he comes over to her and hugs her, still naked. Sarah hugs him back reluctantly)
        Sarah Marshall: There's someone else. (Peter pulls away from her and looks at her in shock) I'm sorry. (she walks out in tears)
        • Brian Bretter: (observing the club Peter brought him to, distastefully) We don't hang out in places like this, Liz and I. Why'd you take me here? This place smells like strippers' perfume. I'm gonna get herpes just from sitting on this couch!