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The Best Forgetting Sarah Marshall Quotes

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Forgetting Sarah Marshall quotes are certainly quotable for movie fans.These are some of the best quotes from the romantic comedy-drama Forgetting Sarah Marshall, as determined by you and your votes. Written by and starring Jason Segel, Forgetting Sarah Marshall centered on Peter (Segel), a depressed composer who tries to forget his ex while holidaying in Hawaii and manages to do so with the help of a thoughtful front-desk clerk. Released in the spring of 2008 on April 18, Forgetting Sarah Marshall also starred Kristen Bell as the eponymous Sarah and Mila Kunis as Rachel the clerk.

What are the best Forgetting Sarah Marshall quotes? Do you like Rachel's carpe-diem advice, "I'm just saying, if you hate something, then change it!"? Or do you like some of the lesser known lines from the film? Let it be known. Vote for your top Forgetting Sarah Marshall quotes and watch them rise to the top of the list. You can also check out more shows and movies like Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

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    Girl: Hi.
    Peter Bretter: Hi.
    Girl: Hi.
    Peter Bretter: Hi.
    Girl: Hi.
    Peter Bretter: Okay, um, do you mind not saying that while we're fucking?
    Girl: You can gag me.
    Peter Bretter: Y-You brought a gag?
    Girl: And handcuffs. Do you wanna gag me?
    Peter Bretter: Well... kind of, now.
    • Peter Bretter: (after watching a commercial featuring Sarah on his flight to Hawaii) Excuse me? (stewardess comes over) Hi- could I have another Bloody Mary, please?
      Stewardess: Uh...you're still working on that one.
      Peter Brenner: It's just an anticipatory order.
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        Rachel Jansen: (smiles) Just married?
        Darald Braden: (giggling along with his wife) Yes! How'd you guess?
        Rachel Jansen: Oh, you've got that... magic newlywed dust all over you.
        • Peter Bretter: (on the phone with Brian as he sneaks across the hotel grounds behind Sarah and Aldous) This is a disaster!
          Brian Bretter: Calm down, man. Um... are there other hotels on the island?
          Peter Bretter: Of course there are other hotels- but I'm not leaving here, it'll look like I'm running away!
          Brian Bretter: Wait- why are you whispering? You're not following them, are you?!