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The Best 'Friday' Quotes

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The best Friday movie quotes make you realize how funny the film really is, even if you haven't seen it in years. Let's rank the greatest quotes from Friday, with the help of your votes. Starring Ice Cube and Chris Tucker, Friday was directed by F. Gary Gray and released in 1995. The film is highly quotable, with Tucker's "you got knocked the f*ck out" quote becoming a cultural reference that extends far beyond the movie. 

What is your favorite Friday quote? One memorable line was when Smokey says "Y'all got Kool-Aid, no sugar, peanut butter, no jelly, ham, no burger. Damn!" Another great line from Friday is, "Don't nobody go in that bathroom for about 35, 45 minutes," spoken by Mr. Jones who was played by the great John Witherspoon.

Vote up your top Friday quotes, regardless of which characters they come from, and be sure to also check out our list of other shows and movies like Friday!

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    It's Friday

    Smokey: I know ya don't smoke weed, I know this. But I'm gonna get you high today 'cause it's Friday, you ain't got no job and you ain't got sh*t to do.

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      Ham, No Burger

      [after hallucinating about seeing Big Worm's head in the cabinet while fetching sugar for Kool-Aid, Craig quickly shuts the cabinet door, then opens it again, and the head disappears, but Craig does not see any sugar in the cabinet. He closes the door.]
      Craig Jones: [frustrated] Damn.
      Smokey: What?
      Craig Jones: I ain't got no sugar.
      Smokey: You ain't got no sugar? DAMMN! Y'all ain't never got two things that match. Y'all got Kool-aid, no sugar, peanut butter, no jelly, ham, no burger. DAMN!.
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        Fired On Your Day Off

        Smokey: 'Sup, man?
        Craig Jones: Wassup.
        Smokey: Why ain't you at work?
        Craig Jones: I got fired yesterday.
        Smokey: Fo' real...?! I thought you had the day off yesterday.
        Craig Jones: I did. Went in there pick up my check. Came home. Supervisor called me about 4 o'clock. Talking about they got me on videotape stealing boxes.
        Smokey: The f*ck you doin' stealin' boxes for? What you trying to build a clubhouse? Man, I know you didn't go out like that.
        Craig Jones: Hell, no, ain't got me on tape. But they said they did. Fired me on the spot. Talkin' about pressin' charges.
        Smokey: Goddamn! You've got to be one stupid motherf*cker to get fired on your day off.


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          About 35, 45 Minutes

          Mrs. Jones: Craig, you know what your problem is? You have no game.
          Craig Jones: What do you know about game? I got all the game.
          Mrs. Jones: Now your father, he got game.
          Mr. Jones: [coming out of the bathroom] Don't nobody go in that bathroom for about 35, 45 minutes. [sniffs around] Someone open a window.
          Craig Jones: You call that game??
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