The Best Funny Folk Songs

There is nothing quite like a truly funny folk song. Folk music seems naturally suited to comedy, and many of these top funny folk songs will make you laugh out loud.

What makes good funny folk songs? It helps if born comedians are doing the singing, and very few artists mastered hilarious folk tunes like the Smothers Brothers. Brothers Tom and Dick Smothers enjoyed years of success making audiences laugh at their folk satire songs, most notably on the 1960s TV show The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour. You’ll find several of this duo’s funniest folk songs listed here.

Great comedy isn’t always easy to pull off, particularly in song, but every entry on this list ticks the boxes for top funny folk songs. Some of the artists might surprise you. Who knew Bob Dylan could be so funny? The same can be said for folk icons Simon and Garfunkel. Singer-songwriter and satirist Tom Lehrer also appears here on this list of funny folk music, and with good reason. Lehrer was a master satirist, and his silly folk songs are unforgettable.

Enjoy the videos of these famous funny folk songs, and be sure to vote for the best of the best!

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