The Best Emmy 2019 'For Your Consideration' Ads In Los Angeles

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Imagine you're a Television Academy voter, or maybe you are — which of these billboards do the best job of "winning" your consideration for an Emmy this year?

Billboards are a year-round phenomenon in Los Angeles. Unlike many cities, where most people commute using public transit, practically everyone in LA drives to work every day. This tends to create absolutely hellish, bumper-to-bumper rush hour traffic, leaving the average commuter desperate for anything, literally anything to draw their attention away from the mind-numbing experience of crawling down a freeway at less than ten miles an hour — and advertisers use billboards to provide them with that needed distraction. Many of those Hollywood commuters just so happen to be people in show business, members of "the Academy" who have a say in which TV shows and films end up winning awards and which ones don't. Combine these two factors and you get a very unique LA phenomenon: the "for your consideration" billboard. 

Whenever there's an awards ceremony, Los Angeles becomes crowded with ads calling out for the attention of academy voters, presenting shows and movies eligible for nomination that year "for your consideration." Right now we're at the height of Emmy season, which means that practically every network on the planet is renting billboard real estate along Sunset Boulevard. We here at Ranker thought it'd be fun to document it all and let our readers decide which TV show is doing the best job of reaching out to voters to make them consider them for an Emmy this year. If you were part of Hollywood's Television Academy, which of these signs would convince you to consider their shows for an Emmy this year?