The Best Movies About Gangs

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Here is the list of the best gang movies of all time. These are films that focus on gangs, life as a gang member, and the conflicts between rival street gangs. This genre can also include hood movies, heist movies, and various other sub-genres. Unlike hood movies, however, gang films can be much more stylized as well as take place during various decades and points in time. There are quiet a few movies  about Los Angeles gangs as well as movies about the Crips and Bloods. Life among street gangs can be difficult, to say the least. The conflicts spawned from such an environment can make for great drama and storytelling.

Including Boyz n the Hood and The Warriors, this list of the best gang movies has all of your favorite movies about growing up gangsters, gang violence, and protecting street reputations. 

What are the top street gang movies of all time? The movies on this list are some of the best thug-life films anywhere.

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