The Best Geek Movies

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A list of the best geek movies. These are cool nerd films featuring geeks, geek culture, or they're simply *for* geeks. These truly are the best of the bunch, vote up your favorites and vote down any that you never want to see again. Say what you want about the freaks, geeks, nerds, and dorks of this world, but they have great taste in movies and have made a hell of an entertaining list of the best geek films. Sure, most of them are going to be sci-fi and fantasy, but there are a few other genres on this list of geek films as well.

Some of these films don't even have computers in them, nor do they have anything to do with math. And the end of the day, everybody has a little bit of a geek in them, and with that in mind, perhaps these geek movies are ultimately for everyone. What are the top geek movies? Take a look and enjoy these amazing geek films!

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