The Very Best Movies About Life in the Ghetto

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Films set in or about the urban ghetto.

The best ghetto movies explore life in urban communities. This list includes Black ghetto movies, hood movies, and ghetto comedies. Characters that live in the ghetto are often depicted as impoverished, engaged in or concerned about gang activity, and mixed up in drugs and other bad behaviors. While some want to escape the lives the were born into, others want to stick around and rule their neighborhoods. Ghetto films began appearing in the late '80s and early '90s with one of the most widely known examples being Menace II Society and Boyz in the Hood. These movies focus on African American characters who were born and raised in the "ghetto." Other movies like Baby Boy, Training Day, and City of God tackle life in the ghetto from other perspectives. There are also white ghetto film like 8 Mile. All-in-all this a bigger list than just the top 10 ghetto movies.

What are the best ghetto movies? What are some example of hood films? Ghetto films deal with the urban culture of minorities, and frequently with the plight of growing up in that type of environment. Use this ghetto movie list as a starting off point to vote on what you think are the best films in the genre and to find new movies that you'd enjoy watching.

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