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Some of the greatest gospel songs for men are among the most well-known, iconic hymns in gospel music history. These are songs of praise and adulation, belted out with a power and promise designed to lift spirits and move a congregation. They represent the very best gospel for men’s choir.

Are you putting together a playlist of the best gospel music for men? If so, you’ll want variety. Some of the songs listed here are solely for choirs, without solos. Others, however, offer up ample opportunity for individual voices to shine through – with the chorus backing, of course. Some are designed for a chorus; others may work better as an entire choir.

It's also important to think of the voices you have available. Not everyone can hit the highest notes. Some of these songs involve incredibly elaborate runs, so keep that in mind, especially if you’re working with a new choir group. Start simple, then gradually build up to the more complex songs.

You’ll find some of the greatest gospel singers and choruses listed here, including James Cleveland, Israel Houghton, Hezekiah Walker and of course, Bishop TD Jakes and The Potter’s House Mass Choir. Enjoy the videos, and experiment with arrangements to suit your choir best. Then, be sure to vote for your favorites!

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I'm Still Here The Williams Brothers

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Holy, Holy, Holy Donnie McClurkin

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Bless The Lord Bishop TD Jakes and The Potter's House Mass Choir

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Trouble in My Way Soul Seekers

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It’s a Highway to Heaven Thomas A. Dorsey

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Lord Help Me to Hold Out James Cleveland

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Standing in the Need of Prayer Christian Gospel Choir

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I'm in Love With Jesus New Direction

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Blessed Be The Name Five Blind Boys of Alabama

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Something Got a Hold of Me Detroit Mass Choir

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Lord Done Delivered Me The Bolton Brothers

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Center Of My Joy The Richard Smallwood Singers

Great Southern Gospel Songs

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Heaven is Looking Down on Me The Canton Spirituals

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Jesus is My Help Hezekiah Walker

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John Justus added King of Kings - (The Holy Ghost Writer) Mighty Elohim - Men sing along with Justus in this eternal gospel classic!

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It Could Have Been Me John P. Kee

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John Justus added Spirit of Love - (The Holy Ghost Writer) Mighty Elohim - Men sing along with Justus in this eternal gospel classic!

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Patiently Waiting The Love Fellowship Choir, LFT Church Choir, Hezekiah Walker

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More Than Anything John P. Kee, The New Life Community Choir

The Greatest Guitarists Of All Time

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King Jesus Is A-Listenining L.A. Mass Choir

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Press Toward the Mark Norman Hutchins

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No Doubt in My Mind Rev. Charles Nicks & The St. James Adult Choir

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Moving Forward Israel Houghton

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I Gotta Run Lee Williams and the Spiritual QC's

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We Magnify Your Name Shekinah Glory Ministry

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Hung Up for My Hang Ups The Michigan State Community Choir

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Praise Him By Myself The Bonner Brothers

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We've Come to Praise Him Richard Smallwood

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I Will Israel & New Breed

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Blessings, Glory and Honor Fred Hammond and RFC