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The Best Halloween Costumes With Red Hair

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This is a list of the best Halloween costumes with red hair. So if you're looking for an easy, last minute costume idea, and you happen to be a red head, you might want to bookmark this page. Below you'll find easy DIY Halloween costumes with red hair, as well as a few more elaborate red-haired costumes, like the Queen of Hearts from the live-action Alice in Wonderland

Ginger Spice and Jessica Rabbit are two of the more iconic red hair costume ideas. Other Halloween costume characters with red hair are Max Mayfield from Stranger Things, Sansa Stark from Game of Thrones, and Kim Possible. Archie Andrews from Riverdale, Daphne Blake from Scooby Doo, and Joan Holloway are some of the last minute red hair Halloween costumes you can find on this list. 

Check out all of the red hair Halloween costume ideas below, and be sure to vote up your favorites! 

  • Not unlike the Riddler costume, Poison Ivy can be made with a green bodysuit, as well as green gloves, and this dramatic hairdo. You can also add leaves from a craft store to your outfit. 

  • The makeup and red hair are key for this It-inspired costume. Throw in a very retro clown costume, and a red balloon can complete this look. 

  • Merida from Pixar film Brave, requires a green dress, your hair styled in wild curls, and a bow and arrow as accessories.

  • Dressing up as the troubled Avenger, and star of WandaVision requires a red headband, red top and cape (if possible), and black pants. Tall, black boots are a great accessory. 

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    The Little Mermaid is classic costume. If you don't want to overcommit with the tail, you can always just wear a purple top and green skirt, and people will still probably know who you are.

  • Myrtle Snow is a fashionable witch with killer glasses frames. To look like this character from American Horror Story: Coven, dressing in all-black is a must. Pops of color are acceptable. 

  • Jessica Rabbit is an iconic femme fatale from Who Framed Roger Rabbit? As long as you have long, red hair, a red dress, and purple gloves, this costume is a winner.

  • To dress like Marvel's Black Widow, or Natasha Romanoff, you just need a black jumpsuit, red lipstick, and a "don't mess with me" attitude. 

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    The Queen of Hearts


    The Queen of Hearts is for the ambitious redhead, as from the dramatic makeup and hairdo to the elaborate dress, this costume is no easy feat. 

  • If mornings bother you, but you love children, Winifred Sanderson of Hocus Pocus is a great option. Be sure to mimic her teased bun hairstyle and dramatic lipstick. 

  • This outfit requires a bit of green body paint, but Guardians of the Galaxy fans will be excited to see you. 

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    Jessie from the Toy Story films is great as solo costume, or as part of a group. Key items include a red cowboy hat, a button-down shirt, and braided hair. 

  • The Mad Hatter is good for someone who really likes makeup. An ostentatious top hat is a necessity. 

  • Redheads (or those with access to a red wig), grab a purple dress, a purple headband, and a green scarf, and everyone will instantly be able to tell who you are. 

  • Kim Possible is another of the TV show-inspired costumes that you can probably put together with clothing items you already have, like olive green pants, black shoes, and a black crop top. 

  • Lucy Ricardo requires an updo with a vintage dress and pearls. If you want to go all out, you could do the black and white version with some grey body paint. 

  • This costume is good for a nostalgia overload for most millennials. This can make for a quick group costume, as other friends can dress up as the rest of the baby crew!

  • Jim Carrey played the Riddler in Batman Forever, and you can copy his look with a green bodysuit, small, green sunglasses, a green, bowler cap, and a gold cane.

  • To dress like the well-known matriarch of the Flintstone family, throw your hair up in a bun, put on your biggest, pearl necklace, and don a one-shouldered, white dress. 

  • For the redhead who wants to be over-the-top and girly, Glind the Good Witch from The Wizard of Oz is a classic. 

  • To emulate Max from Stranger Things, wear your hair down and wavy, and dress in a casual 80s ensemble. A skateboard is a good accessory. Bonus points if you can actually ride it.

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    Ginger Spice


    For Ginger Spice you need 90s-styled hair, a fitted, Union Jack dress, and red, platform boots.

  • Sansa Stark is a great red-haired costume for anyone who lives in a really cold area. Pile on the layers, as long as they're black, and covered in faux fur. Wear your hair in a braid, and use wolf-inspired accessories to represent the Stark family

  • To be the playful, unpredictable, and impressively strong Pippi Longstocking, you need tattered, mismatched clothes, and braided pigtails that stick out. 

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    Giulia Marcovaldo


    Giulia from Luca is a great last-minute option, since you just need a blue beanie, jeans, and a striped T-shirt. 

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