The Best Horror Movies That Actually Take Place On Halloween

If you are looking for the ultimate list of Halloween horror movies, you've come to the right place. This list has all the best horror movies to watch around Halloween, both old and new movies are on the list. Halloween is an obvious choice for scary movies as it is a spooky time of year. The best Halloween horror movies are not necessarily the scariest or most terrifying as some of them can be considered horror comedies. But the best Halloween films tend to find a way to seamlessly blend in aspects of the holiday into the story or antagonist itself. So use this list to come up with ideas for a movie to watch on Halloween or to set up a scary movie marathon for you and your friends.

John Carpenter's Halloween franchise saw a reboot in both 2007 and 2018 which speaks to the popularity of both Michael Meyers and Halloween horror films in general. Horror movies that take place on Halloween have captured the imagination of audiences for several decades now and there's no sign of them stopping any time soon. Now it's time to determine the greatest horror movie that is about or takes place on Halloween with the help of your votes. Vote up the Halloween movies that you loved and vote down the ones you wish you'd never watched. Don't see your favorite fall holiday horror movie? Add it to the list, then check back to see how other users rank your additions and look for new Halloween horror movies as they are released.

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