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The Best Heist Movie Quotes

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The best Heist quotes make you realize how great the movie really is, even if you haven't seen it in a while. Let's rank the greatest quotes from Heist, with the help of your votes. Starring Gene Hackman and Danny DeVito, Heist was directed by David Mamet and released in 2001.

What is your favorite Heist quote? One memorable line was when Joe Moore says, "Well, they're right, too. It is love. Love of gold." Another great line from Heist is, "Cute as a pail full of kittens," spoken by Pinky.

Vote up your top Heist quotes, regardless of what character they come from.

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    A Smarter Fella

    D.A. Freccia: You're a pretty smart fella.
    Joe Moore: Ah, not that smart.
    D.A. Freccia: You're not that smart, how'd you figure it out?
    Joe Moore: I tried to imagine a fella smarter than myself. Then I tried to think, "what would he do?"
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      Love Of Gold

      Coffee Cart Man: Hey buddy. You forgot your change.
      Joe Moore: Makes the world go round.
      Bobby Blane: What's that?
      Joe Moore: Gold.
      Bobby Blane: Some people say love.
      Joe Moore: Well, they're right, too. It is love. Love of gold.

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        Sheep Count Him

        Jimmy: So, is he going to be cool?
        Pinky: My motherfucker is so cool, when he goes to bed, sheep count him.


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          What Did I Tell You

          Bergman: No one can get the goods like you, Joe.
          Joe Moore: Anyone can get the goods. The hard part is getting away.
          Bergman: Uh-huh.
          Joe Moore: You plan a good enough getaway, you could steal Ebbets Field.
          Bergman: Ebbets Field's gone.
          Joe Moore: What did I tell you?


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