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The Best Hi-C Flavors

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You probably recognize Hi-C juice boxes: bright yellow, with flashy names and cartoon fruits that seem to explode off the cartons. But do you know where the juice brand's name comes from? When inventor Niles Foster created his new orange beverage in 1946, he called it "Hi-C" in reference to the drink's high vitamin content. Today, the recipe has changed, but Hi-C still offers many types of unique, fruit-flavored beverages to thirsty consumers.

What is the best type of Hi-C? The Ecto Cooler is definitely among the company's most popular flavors. This special kind of Hi-C was a tie-in to the animated Ghostbusters series and featured green ghoul Slimer on its packaging. The citrus-flavored beverage has made several returns to stores over the years and tends to sell out quickly due to overwhelming consumer demand. But there are many other Hi-C flavors available year-round, including Torrential Tropical Punch, Boppin' Strawberry, and Orange Lavaburst. Every variety features the same bright colors and sweet flavors that drinkers may remember from their childhoods.

It's up to you to decide the best of the best out of all these types of Hi-C. Vote your favorite juices up to the top of the list, and add any tasty drinks that are missing.