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The Best High Noon Movie Quotes

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The best High Noon quotes make you realize how great the movie really is, even if you haven't seen it in a while. Let's rank the greatest quotes from High Noon, with the help of your votes. Starring Garry Cooper and Grace Kelly, High Noon was directed by Fred Zinnemann and released in 1952.

What is your favorite High Noon quote? One memorable line was when Amy said, "Don't try to be a hero. You don't have to be a hero, not for me." Another great line from High Noon is, "I'm not trying to be a hero. If you think I like this, you're crazy," spoken by Kane.

Vote up your top High Noon quotes, regardless of which character they come from.

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    This Is Crazy

    This Is Crazy
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    Kane: It's no good. I've got to go back, Amy.
    Amy: Why?
    Kane: This is crazy. I haven't even got any guns.
    Amy: Then let's go on. Hurry.
    Kane: No, that's what I've been thinkin'. They're making me run. I've never run from anybody before.
    Amy: I don't understand any of this.
    Kane: Well, I haven't got time to tell ya.
    Amy: Then don't go back, Will.
    Kane: I've got to. That's the whole thing.


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      You'd Better Get Busy

      Barber: How many coffins we got?
      Fred: Two.
      Barber: We're gonna need at least two more, no matter how you figure. You'd better get busy, Fred.


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        Don't Try To Be A Hero

        Don't Try To Be A Hero
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        Kane: I sent a man up five years ago for murder. He was supposed to hang. But up North, they commuted it to life and now he's free. I don't know how. Anyway, it looks like he's coming back.
        Amy: I still don't understand.
        Kane: He was always wild and kind of crazy. He'll probably make trouble.
        Amy: But that's no concern of yours, not anymore.
        Kane: I'm the one who sent him up.
        Amy: Well, that was part of your job. That's finished now. They've got a new marshal.
        Kane: He won't be here until tomorrow. Seems to me I've got to stay. Anyway, I'm the same man with or without this.
        Amy: Oh, that isn't so.
        Kane: I expect he'll come lookin' for me. Three of his old bunch are waiting at the depot.
        Amy: That's exactly why we ought to go.
        Kane: They'll just come after us, four of 'em, and we'd be all alone on the prairie.
        Amy: We've got an hour.
        Kane: What's an hour?...What's a hundred miles? We'd never be able to keep that store, Amy. They'd come after us and we'd have to run again, as long as we live.
        Amy: No we wouldn't, not if they didn't know where to find us. Oh Will! Will, I'm begging you, please let's go.
        Kane: I can't.
        Amy: Don't try to be a hero. You don't have to be a hero, not for me.
        Kane: I'm not trying to be a hero. If you think I like this, you're crazy.


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          I've Got To Stay

          Kane: Look Amy, this is my town. I've got friends here. I'll swear in a bunch of special deputies and with a posse behind me, maybe there won't even be any trouble.
          Amy: You know there'll be trouble.
          Kane: Then, it's better to have it here. I'm sorry, honey, I know how you feel about it.
          Amy: Do you?
          Kane: Of course I do. I know it's against your religion and all. Sure I know how you feel.
          Amy: But you're doing it just the same. Oh Will, we were married just a few minutes ago. We've got our whole lives ahead of us. Doesn't that mean anything to you?
          Kane: You know I've only got an hour and I've got lots to do. Stay at the hotel until it's over.
          Amy: No, I won't be here when it's over. You're asking me to wait an hour to find out if I'm going to be a wife or a widow. I say it's too long to wait. I won't do it...I mean it. If you won't go with me now, I'll be on that train when it leaves here.
          Kane: I've got to stay.


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