The Best Hiking in Los Angeles

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Only hikes in the Los Angeles vicinity. Less than a 2 hour drive to trailhead.
Los Angeles has everything an outdoors enthusiast wants. Beach, islands, desert and mountains... all for you to explore. There are hundreds of trails up in the high desert, along the coast and in the Angeles Forest, these are just a few of them. Vote for your favorites and add the hikes you think are missing (with mileage if you can).
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  • Big Santa Anita Canyon
    18 votes

    Big Santa Anita Canyon

    The full loop: 9.8 miles
  • Mount Wilson
    14 votes
    15.1 miles
  • Mount Lowe
    14 votes

    Mount Lowe

    11.4 miles
  • Mount Baldy, California
    13 votes

    Mount Baldy, California

    11.3 miles
  • MASH Set Hike
    13 votes

    MASH Set Hike

  • Dawn Mine
    13 votes

    Dawn Mine