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The Best Hip Hop Logos Of All Time

List RulesMust be a rap/hip hop band logo. No clothing companies, etc

Picking the best hip hop and rap logos of all time was not nearly as hard as choosing the best rock band logos ever, but it was still a task to sift through some great hip hop images and pick the best. Unlike the rock bands, many hip hop and rap artists use simple depictions of their names and change them frequently, so there weren't as many iconic hip hop images to work with.

The criteria that ended up being used to create the hip hop logo list was this: a pervasive logo that wasn't just around for one album. As it turns out, there are some marginal hip hop acts with great logos (Flo Rida) and some outstanding hip hop artists with less than stellar logos (2Pac).

As far ranking the top hip hop and rap logos, it's highly subjective and votable. The best rapper logos are not necessarily the most iconic artist logos and vice versa. You think the order's wrong, vote up the best rap and hip hop logos and vote down the artist art you don't like. If there's something missing, add the artist logos you think should have a shot at being dubbed the best hip hop logo. The one thing to really remember with this list is NO BAD LOGOS.

What is the greatest hip hop logo of all time? Who are the rap artists with the best logos? Vote and decide! Keep it focused on rap and hip hop logos as opposed to music mascots.