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The Best Honey, I Shrunk The Kids Quotes

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The best Honey, I Shrunk The Kids quotes make you realize how great the movie really is, even if you haven't seen it in a while. Let's rank the greatest quotes from Honey, I Shrunk The Kids, with the help of your votes. Starring Rick Moranis and Matt Frewer, Honey, I Shrunk The Kids was directed by Joe Johnston and released in 1989.

What is your favorite Honey, I Shrunk The Kids quote? One memorable line was when Ronald 'Ron' Thompson said, "And then what? You'll smack me? You'll go to jail. I'll tell them after a big bee ate my brother you smacked me around. No jury in the world would fail to convict you. The whole Szalinski family is going to be in jail for life..." Another great line from Honey, I Shrunk The Kids is, "Well, no... Well yeah, yeah I could see you... But I wasn't watching you. I..." spoken by Russell 'Russ' Thompson, Jr.

Vote up your top Honey, I Shrunk The Kids quotes, regardless of which character they come from.

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    Food Chain

    Amy: I don't think we're in Kansas anymore, Toto.
    Nick: I don't think we're in the food chain anymore, Dorothy.


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      It Was His Ball

      Amy: Nick, what did you do?
      Nick: Me? It was his ball!
      Ronald 'Ron' Thompson: Shut up, wimp!


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        It's Too Big

        Amy: Nick, get out of there. You're allergic to pollen.
        Nick: It's too big. I'm too little to breathe it in.


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          Have Them Over More Often

          Mae Thompson: Why didn't you tell us about this earlier?
          Diane: Well, up until now, the machine just... blew things up.
          Mae Thompson: Are you saying that that machine...?
          Russell 'Russ' Thompson, Sr.: Blew up my kids?
          Wayne & Diane: No, no!
          Wayne: No, if the machine had blown up the kids, there'd be pieces of them everywhere...
          Diane: Wayne!
          Wayne: Sorry, but I'm positive about this. The machine shrunk our kids.
          Russell 'Russ' Thompson, Sr.: You're the one who needs a "shrink", Szalinski! You are a nutcase. And I'll tell you something: I have got an air hammer in my attic, and if you did do something to my kids, there's gonna be pieces of you all over the neighborhood! Come on, Mae!
          Wayne: I think that went well.
          Diane: I think we should have them over more often.


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