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The Best Horse Movies

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List RulesMovies must have horses and equestrian sports.

The best horse movies are not always about horse racing but all of them have us falling in love with the horses on screen. The most famous movies about horses are generally great for kids of all ages. All genres of horse films have been included (they are generally inspirational) from the famous to the not so famous. Many of these films are based on real-life horses such as the race-horses Seabiscuit and Secretariat.

What are the best horse movies? Like dogs and even cats, horses have been with man for much of our history. It's no coincidence then that stories about horses and horse racing have been popular for ages. Great horse movies, or even good horse movies, bring us closer to these majestic animals and give us stories of their caretakers. Maybe the horses learn from them, but I think we can all agree that horses have more to teach us than we could ever teach them.

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