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The Best Hot Pocket Flavors

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When it comes to microwaveable snacks, the Hot Pocket is at the top of the grocery store pack. These little turnovers have been popular with diners since they debuted in the 1970s, and it's not hard to see why. With numerous kinds of Hot Pockets crafted in flavors sure to satisfy breakfast, lunch, or dinner cravings, they're a perfect on-the-go treat. Hot Pockets are so well known, in fact, that Bloomberg refers to them as "an after-school staple."

With new Hot Pocket flavors debuting all the time, there's a type of easy-to-heat treat for every palate. This list rounds up all types of Hot Pockets, from childhood classics to newer options featuring premium ingredients and unique recipes. Varieties such as ham and cheddar or sausage, egg, and cheese in croissant crusts make convenient breakfasts. As an afternoon pick-me-up, maybe you'll reach for a pepperoni pizza Hot Pocket filled with melty mozzarella. Or perhaps you'd prefer a Hot Pocket stuffed with spicy jalapeno-lime chicken. 

What are the best Hot Pocket flavors? It's up to you to decide. Vote your favorite Hot Pocket varieties toward the number-one spot on this list, and feel free to add any tasty snacks that are missing.