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The Best Hulu Thriller Series

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Get ready for a white knuckle ride as you check out the best thriller shows on Hulu. Some thriller TV series streaming on Hulu feature slow burning stories while other Hulu thriller shows include heart-pumping, suspenseful scenarios in each episode. Some of the best thriller shows on Hulu right now are made even better by Emmy Award winning casts.

Which series will you find on this list of top thriller shows streaming on Hulu? American Horror Story has to be near the top. Whether you prefer ghostly encounters or witchy spells, American Horror Story has thrills and chills for everyone to enjoy with each unique season. True Blood is another great show full of thrilling moments that is available on Hulu.

If you are looking for a thriller on Hulu with a plot based more in reality, check-out Law & Order: SVU, CSI, or The Wire.

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