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The Best Ice Cream Parlors

List RulesU.S. stores that sell ice cream, yogurt, or gelato to be eaten on the premise

This ice cream shop names list includes the best and most popular ice cream parlors. This list includes parlors that sell traditional hard-packed ice cream, as well as those that sell soft-serve, gelato, and even frozen yogurt. A well run ice cream parlor can often even go further by offering milkshakes, ice cream sodas, ice cream shakes, sundaes, and various other frozen treats. Depending on the climate, many parlors close down during snowy winter months. In the United States, ice cream parlors surged in popularity at the beginning of the 1920s as many bars and pubs switched to selling ice cream after alcohol was outlawed.

So what are the best ice cream parlors? What should be at the top of this ice cream company list? Well that depends on what of ice cream you like. If you like soft-serve or sandwiches, then your taste will be a lot different from someone who enjoys frozen yogurt or gelato. Regardless, these famous ice cream brands and shops are serving up excellent sweet treats in their parlors for ice cream lovers of all ages to enjoy.