The Best Ice Cream Toppings

What are the best ice cream sundae toppings? At a toppings bar, it seems everyone chooses a different combination of syrup, candy, fruit, and nuts. This list of ice cream fixings includes those you absolutely, positively cannot live without. This ice cream sundae toppings list is ranked by fans of food around the world. Your votes decide the popularity of the ice cream bar options, so decide accordingly. Can't nom out without whipped cream? Vote it up! Can't stand nuts, pea or otherwise? Vote them down. And, if you have a personal favorite ice cream topping that isn't listed, by all means, add it!

Vote: The Most Delicious Ice Cream Flavors

Whether your base flavor is vanilla, chocolate, or something wacky, the best ice cream sundae is made by great toppings. Some toppings are from popular ice cream chains and parlors (like Dairy Queen, MaggieMoo's, and Cold Stone Creamery) are just things that people might like to add as part of their own, personal, best ice cream sundae recipes. Not everyone's going to like the same ice cream fixins. Pineapple? Well, that's kind of a toss up, isn't it?

The best frozen yogurt toppings buffet has a variety of options to suit every palate. Some of the most popular ice cream fixins include hot fudge, sprinkles (or jimmies, rainbow or chocolate) and of course, a cherry on top. And yeah, flavored syrups open up a whole new world of ice cream combo possibilities. From chocolate to butterscotch to strawberry, this sweet sauce adds a whole new layer of awesome to an already outstanding sundae.

What are some delicious ice cream sundae toppings? These popular toppings are a hit with ice cream lovers.

Again, vote for your favorites on this best ice cream sundae list. Bon appetit!

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