The Best Indian Beers

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Beers from the country of India.

India is most likely associated with elephants on parade, slums where hundreds upon hundreds of people live, historical icons like the Taj Mahal, curry spice, and gorgeous fabrics – but there are plenty of delicious beers coming out of India as well. This list has the best Indian beers, ranked by beer drinkers everywhere.

Beer has been produced in India primarily by using rice and or millet for thousands of years. However, after British colonization in the 18th century Indian beer underwent a change in production and style. Indian beer is especially interesting, given that roughly one third of Indians don’t even drink alcohol due to religious beliefs. 

This list contains the most popular types of Indian beer, including: Windmills Craftworks Stout, Rockmans Lager Strong, Windmills Craftworks Hefeweizen, Windmills Craftworks Black Lager, Rockmans Wheat, Gateway India Pale Ale, Striker Rock Bock, Windmills Craftworks Golden Ale, and Gateway White Zen.

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  • Gateway India Pale Ale
    17 votes

    Gateway India Pale Ale

  • Rockmans Lager Strong
    7 votes

    Rockmans Lager Strong

  • Windmills Craftworks Stout
    11 votes

    Windmills Craftworks Stout

  • Australian
    13 votes


  • Rockmans Lager
    6 votes

    Rockmans Lager

  • Windmills Craftworks Golden Ale
    5 votes

    Windmills Craftworks Golden Ale