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The Best Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom Quotes

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Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom quotes are certainly quotable for movie fans. These are some of the best quotes from the action-adventure film Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom as determined by you and your votes. Directed by Steven Spielberg with Harrison Ford reprising his role as the titular Indiana Jones, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom was the second installment in the Indiana Jones franchise, following 1981's Raiders of the Lost Ark. In Temple of Doom, the year is 1935 and Indy is asked to retrieve a mystical stone. Released on May 23, 1984, the tagline for Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom was, "If adventure has a name... it must be Indiana Jones."

What are the best Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom quotes? Do you like Indy's line, "Mola Ram! Prepare to meet Kali... in Hell!"? Or do you like some of the lesser known lines from the film? Let it be known. Vote for your top Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom quotes and watch them rise to the top of the list.

  • Willie Scott: Aren't you going to introduce us?
    Lao Che: This is Willie Scott. This is Indiana Jones, famous archaeologist.
    Willie Scott: Well, I always thought archaeologists were always funny little men searching for their mommies.
    Indiana Jones: Mummies.
  • [Obi Wan Nightclub. Lao Che and his sons are sitting at the opposite end of a table from Indy, who has taken Willie hostage with a large fork. Lao Che offers some gold and silver coins to Indy on the table's turnstile, who rejects them.]
    Indiana Jones: The diamond, Lao. The deal was for the diamond.
    Lao Che spins over a large diamond and a martini.
    Willie: [tales the diamond out and stares at it in glee] Oh, Lao...! [yelps as Indy jabs her with the fork, making her drop the diamond into his hand.]
    Indy: To your very good health. [attempts to take a drink from the martini, Willie elbows him]
    Willie: Lao, he put a hole-- he put two holes in my dress from Paris!
    Lao: [Angrily] Sit down! [Willie obeys] Now... you bring me Nurhachi.
    Indy: My pleasure. [beckons to his assistant, disguised as a waiter]
    Willie Scott: Who on earth is this "Nurhachi"?
    Indy: Here he is.
    Willie: [watches as the small urn is given to Lao] This Nurhachi's a real small guy...
    Lao Che: Inside are the remains of Nurhachi- first Emperor of Manchu Dynasty!
    Indiana Jones: Welcome home, old boy.
    [Indy sips his martini. Lao Che and his sons laugh diabolically.]
    Lao Che: And now, you give me the diamond.
    Indiana Jones: [tugging at his collar as though in discomfort] Are you trying to develop a sense of humor, or am I going deaf?
    [Lao Che holds up a vial of blue liquid, still chuckling.]
    Willie: What's that?
    Lao Che: Antidote.
    Indy: [Suddenly tense] To what?
    Lao: The poison you just drank, Dr. Jones! [continues to laugh]
  • [When they need to escape from Lao Che's men]
    Short Round: Wow! Holy smokes! Crash landing!
    Indiana Jones: Short Round, step on it!
    Short Round: Okey-Dokey Dr. Jones! Hold on to your potatoes!
    Willie Scott: For cryin' out loud, there's a KID drivin' the car!
  • [Indy reaches down Willie's cleavage for the antidote bottle]
    Willie Scott: Oh, I'm not that kind of girl!
    Short Round: Hey, Dr. Jones, no time for love! We got company!