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Internet Reactions The Funniest Internet Reactions to the Facebook IPO  

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Facebook had their IPO (Initial Public Offering) and went public as a company on Friday May 18, 2012. From speculations about whether it's worth buying a share, to people watching the numbers from all over the world, to Reddit memes, to Twitterers making fun of Bono for making $1.5 Billion over this, to the usual mockery of Mark Zuckerberg over absolutely everything he does (he makes it easy), here are the best Tumblr, Reddit and Twitter reactions to the Facebook IPO.

NMA News in Taiwan made a video about the Facebook IPO and a weird Facebook IPO "Thank You" video came out of YouTube in a really well-meaning, ernest and hilariously cheesy way.

Enjoy the greatest internet jokes and funny articles about the Facebook IPO.

Facebook IPO Gets Its Own NMA News Animation

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Video: YouTube

Mark Zuckerberg Is Insanely Rich Now


The Friendster Guy


HuffPo Brings Us The Facebook IPO Drinking Game

The fine people over at The Huffington Post have read my mind, heart and soul. They've written a great drinking game that's available by clicking here.

The drinking game is to be played while consuming ALL MEDIA. So if you read something on the internet, watch something on TV, happen upon a conversation on the radio, or anything else you can think of.